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Brian Langtry NLL then and now Colorado Mammoth
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Pro Lacrosse News: MLL Trade & Brian Langtry Retires

Brian Langtry NLL then and now Colorado Mammoth
Brian Langtry, then and now.

Photo courtesy Colorado Mammoth facebook page.

Two big pieces of pro lax news were announced today and they both have to do with lacrosse in Colorado.  The first is that attackman Drew Westervelt has been traded from the Denver Outlaws to the Chesepeake Bayhawks.  The Outlaws received defender Joe Cinosky, and midfielder Jeremy Sieverts in the deal.  The second big piece of pro news is that Brian Langtry is retiring from the Colorado Mammoth and the NLL.

Westervelt is a Team USA attackman who worked well out in Denver for years alongside college teammate Brendan Mundorf.  The two attended UMBC together.  But Denver is still loaded up with talent on the attack line, and could use more depth on defense and in their midfield so the trade makes a lot of sense in a way.  You lose the old Mundy to Westy connection that has been forged over years of playing together, but it allows the Outlaws to give Billy Bitter more free reign to operate, and it also means we might finally see Connor Martin play in games more consistently.  I think Bitter, Martin, Mundorf would present some match-up problems for just about any set of MLL poles.

Langtry retiring is also a two-sided coin.  Colorado loses one of their mainstay players, but let’s face it, BL6 has been at it for ages, and he has to be tired at this point!  Just kidding, the guy still has a motor.  But eventually it comes time to hang ’em up gracefully while you still can, and Langtry is still playing the game at an incredibly high level, so I’m sure it was a hard decision for him.  My biggest hope is that he decides to take the sport of box lacrosse under his wing in the US and teaches the game to our next generation of boxla players.  I’d gladly take a team of Langtry instructed US box players!  Maybe he’ll get involved in the NALL somehow!  Total speculation, but it would be cool.

Both the Westervelt trade and Langtry’s retirement will be hard for some fans in Colorado to stomach, but both moves have the potential to benefit CO lax, so it’s not all bad.