Major League Lacrosse All Star Game
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UPDATED: Questionable Winners for the MLL All-Star Name the Teams Contest

UPDATE: Hopefully the last of the updates for this one! Major League Lacrosse has come out with a new press release today, showcasing the new names for each All Star team. Ready for it…?

Supernova vs. Eclipse

Ahh… we see what you did there.

These names were chosen to play to the All-Star themeinspired by the idea that the best athletes and stars of the League will be participating.

That’s more like it! Check out the pull press release here.


UPDATE: About two hours after MLL announced the All-Star team names, the decision to name the teams with the original winning submissions was reversed. New team names will be announced tomorrow.

According to the release, “While the thought process was to incorporate our sponsors into the team name selection, some thought that using the word Homewrecker, one of Moe’s signature burritos, would send the wrong message to our valued fans.”

The full press release can be found here.


Major League Lacrosse
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Earlier today Major League Lacrosse announced the winners of its contest to name the All-Star teams that occurred last week on various MLL social media outlets. The winning names, though, are somewhat questionable.

The first team name is the Funk Meisters. I don’t have any significant objections to this name. It’s a little, well, funky, and it doesn’t really do anything for me, but it also could’ve been worse.

Meet worse. The other team is called the Homewreckers. To be honest, I’m really upset with this. I feel like I’m caught in a hilarious SNL skit on a night when the special guest is a professional athlete. Except this isn’t a joke. It’s actually the team name, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for a sports team.

If you look a little closer, the Funk Meister and the Homewrecker are two menu items of the game’s sponser, Moe’s Southwest Grill. The Funk Meister is a taco option, and the Homewrecker is a burrito. I do give props to the winners for the creative homage to the sponsor restaurant, but I still can’t condone naming a team the Homewreckers.

Most lacrosse fans aren’t going to know that the names are related to the restaurant, and casual fans who don’t follow the MLL as closely will certainly not know that. I can’t imagine the impression that this will give to those who aren’t familiar with lacrosse but happen to channel surf by the All-Star game as it’s playing on ESPN2 in primetime. The MLL, as lacrosse’s professional representative, should be doing everything it can to help grow the game in a positive manner. I don’t think this will accomplish that.

What do you think? Is it a cool way to honor the sponsor or is it unacceptable? Let us know your thoughts in the community forum!