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Quick Lacrosse Top String Tutorial

I posted some pics of a mesh string job at the end of my Lacrosse Drop on Thursday, and Dan Willson asked me to explain how I did the top string of Jeff Brunelle’s Nike lacrosse stick.  Here goes.

It’s very simple when you really look at it.  Make a knot in one end of a 24″ piece of string. pull the other end through one of the higher sidewall holes.  Make sure you mesh has a 9 hole top. Go through a sidewall hole and through hole 1 of the mesh.

If you go through the back of the mesh to the front of the stick, push the string through the first leather slot on the throat on the front side of the stick.  The string will then be on the back side of the stick.  Push the string through the 3rd hole so that the string is in front of the head. Then go back through the second leather slot back to the back of the stick. fifth hole through to the front, then 3rd leather slot to the back.  Seventh hole to the 4th leather slot then back through the 9th hole.  The string will now be on the front side of the stick.

The top string should basically look like you have looped it around and through the scoop.

loop it. loopdy loop.

After pulling the string through the 9th hole, push it through the sidewall hole and then go back through the 9th hole in the other direction.  This pulls the side of the mesh tighter to the sidewall.  The string will now be back on the backside of the stick.  Go through the 4th leather slot and then the 7th hole.  3rd leather slot to 5th hole, etc.  If you started out with the string on the back side of the mesh, it should end sticking out the front side of the mesh and then be pushed through your original sidewall hole, where the top string started.

Frontside banger.

A lot of times, the top string won’t look right until it is pulled tight.  Make sure it is perfectly even and that the string always enters the same mesh holes and you should be okay.  I had seen this top string before but until I saw Anthony Kelly‘s pictures, I never figured it out.  Now I use it all the time.  Basic stuff but if you don’t know it, it’s always good to keep learning!