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Quick Release Shooting

Editor’s Note: Trilogy directors and coaches will be dropping tons of knowledge on you from week to week. This week, Will Casertano talks quick release shooting. Make sure you check out our Training Archive as well, brought to you by Trilogy!

What I am working on here is quick release shooting; a shot from 5-7 yards off a pass.

When the ball moves, the goalie moves with it, so I want to get the ball in and out of my stick quickly to catch the goalie out of position. It’s imperative that my body and stick are pre set.

Before I catch the pass, my hands are set 8 inches apart and my arms are away out and away. My shoulders and hips and turned and I’m in an athletic position. Just before the pass hits my stick I begin my footwork; a shuffle step towards the goal.

It’s important to note: My footwork is not a crow hop (like in time and room). I use a shuffle because it is quick I don’t need the power from a crow hop. Lastly, I change plains with my shot and place it back pipe.

For more great lacrosse knowledge, check out the Training Archive and become a better player today! It’s never too late.