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Music Monday: Kondrat’s Super Awesome Fun Time Podcast Sexy For You!

Intrigued by the name of this week’s featured Music Monday podcast? Think it might be a double rainbow dose of music joy? Right and double right.

Kondrat’s Super Awesome Fun Time Podcast Sexy For You! (‘S.A.F.T.P.S.F.Y’ for short) is a wild show that has featured references to the Power Rangers, a themed episode all about shapes, visits from Kondrat’s parents to talk about music from back in the day, and even occasional drops from his band Architect Sketch.

Kondrat’s podcast philosophy is at times ferocious; at times tranquilizing; at times very odd. He even played some lax back in high school so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

Today’s theme is colors, so let’s see what he has in store for us.

Editor’s Suggestion: Click here and open this week’s Radio Zarape in a new tab while you surf the wave of content we have lined up across the Lax Network today – Connor Wilson and 412 Lax really outdid themselves! Or download the show and take it with you when you rip the duck.

“Kondrat’s got another Very Special Episode, and not just because it comes out on a Monday instead of a Tuesday! So plug your eardrums into your computer, or whatever you crazy kids do with your newfangled technology, and rock out to some color-themed awesomeness.”

Miss last week? Catch our first featured Radio Zarape show, Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage, here and check out for the full archive.  There’s more music in there than you can shake a stick at.

Like what you hear? Want to give a shout-out to the fellas at Radio Zarape or make a song request? We have you covered. Email with requests or to ask questions about this week’s show.

Your suggestions will even make it into a special Memorial Day podcast at the end of the month!