Jeremy Thompson Mesh Siena lacrosse ncaa 2011
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Random Monday Lacrosse Stories: Syracuse, Mesh, Oregon, MCLA, Lax Prom & Greggy Beast

What a weekend of lax!  412 has you covered with all the weekend’s action.  He’s got recaps, insight and more.  He also has MLL gloves by both Brine and Warrior.  The Brine gloves are… ok.  No me gusta argyle.  The Warrior gloves are better.  We’ve got DIII recaps and predicitions on LAS, Beeswax mesh on 24SevenLax, Summer tourney info and an interview with an Idaho high school laxer.

In this post, we’re covering the smaller stories, showing off some video and getting ready for the BIG MCLA tourney out in Denver!

Oregon Wins PNCLL Over Simon Fraser – BHSVideoDad Video Highlights!

The Oregon Ducks take on arch rival Simon Fraser in the PNCLL championship game.  In a hard fought game between two teams that don’t like each other much, the game goes into the fourth quarter at 8 all.  Oregon’s offense begins to flow in the 4th and they blow out SFU 16 to 8 to earn an automatic qualifier to the MCLA Championship tournament in Denver.

It was a more interesting game than the regular season game, and Calvin Craig was held to only 4 goals, which may be a record low for this season.  It was a hard fought game with plenty of drama including some big hits and nasty fouls.  Oregon’s midfielder Chris Oscip came out of nowhere and scored 5 goals.  Oregon is off to the MCLA seeded eighth, while Simon Fraser is sitting at home, wondering if they need more than 18 players to complete on a national level.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Oregon Wins PNCLL Lacrosse Championship 2011″]

Greg “The Beast” Gurenlian Video Blobbery

The Beast Blog.  It’s MLL fogo Greg Gurenlian’s wheelhouse.  He chats about face offs, work out tips, and the new gear he’s rocking.  A video blob from Central Park with Mr. Biceps… always special!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Dawg Pound days of Summer”]


THIS is how you do PROM!

Ryan Craven’s (LAS co-founder) younger brother, Corbin, shows off his date to the prom.  What a smokeshow, Corb!

Corbin Craven Prom date lacrosse
She certainly is a looker!


Notre Dame Lax Videos –  SWEET STUFF!!!!

As you recover from days 1 and 2 of the Division 1 NCAA tournament, and want to get a deeper look into things, check out the links below. ATT U-verse did a 3 part documentary on our team. This is no Flip Cam NYPD Blue shaky cam production either!  It is legit and done by an award winning company.

More above the D! average effort from Notre Dame to get their team’s name out there more and more.  Props to the Golden Domers for doing stuff like this!  You will likely have to download a Flash Plug in but it is worth it. Each segment is about 6 minutes long. Enjoy!

Notre Dame Video 1.  Notre Dame Video 2.  Notre Dame Video 3.


MCLA Tournament Kicks Off in Denver This Week!

The MCLA tourney is ON starting Tuesday, May 17th!  LAS was trying to get out there to provide play by play and color commentary, but for some reason, it didn’t work out.  Too bad, would have been a GREAT week in Denver and a LOT more coverage for the League.  Maybe next year?  We’re down to make it happen.  The powers that be just need to LET it happen in 2012!  Grow the Game, right?

At least Mike Brand and the RedHotBuffs will be out there providing some coverage.  And we’ll be on it from the LAS HQ.  It’s a good start!


Syracsuse Rolls, Thompson sticks with MESH.  D’oh!

Jeremy Thompson Mesh Siena lacrosse ncaa 2011
That's mesh. Shoot, Gun!

Syracuse beat Siena at the Carrier Dome on Sunday night.  Jeremy Thompson is still using mesh.  No!!!!!!!