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Ranking Every NLL Teams’ Helmets

We have ranked the top NLL jerseys, but now its time to rank the best helmets in the NLL. Box lacrosse helmets are definitely more subtle compared to their field counterparts. Even though there is a smaller surface area, the NLL does have some great helmets that stand out to fans in the arena and on TV. I didn’t include the Desert Dogs in this list, because we haven’t seen the final uniform combinations yet. 

14. Calgary Roughnecks

The Roughnecks definitely made headlines before last season with their uniform change. The team does a good job of adding some minor gray carbon fiber lines throughout the helmet, but the lack of helmet options for both home and away is what keeps Calgary at the bottom of this list.

13. Vancouver Warriors

The Warriors have one of the more simple helmet designs in the league, with a simple stripe down the center of the helmet featuring the warriors logo on the side, there is definitely more that could be added to make their helmets stand out. 

12. Rochester Knighthawks

The Knighthawks are one of many teams in the NLL with black helmets, but the current rendition of their helmets are definitely on the more subtle side. Having that military green wings on the sides of their helmet is nice, but it’s just hard to see. Now if the Knighthawks went back to one of their throwback looks full-time, then they might be higher on this list. 

11. San Diego Seals

The Seals may have some great jerseys throughout their young history, but their standard black and gold helmets are on the tame side. While I understand its a play off their seal logo, it’s hard to notice the relation if you aren’t familiar with the team. That being said, its still better than most of the other black helmets in the NLL. 

10. Colorado Mammoth

The reigning champs come in at number nine on this list. Like others in the league, the Mammoth rock black helmets, but they do a very nice job of incorporating their burgundy colorway into the helmet, and the silver trim that accentuates the Rockies is a nice little touch as well. 

9. Philadelphia Wings

The Wings do a great job of incorporating their namesake and team colors into their helmets. You can easily make out the colors on TV and can tell that the design on the helmets are a set of wings. Now if the Wings added a white helmet or even a gray helmet, they would easily move up a few spots on this list. 

8. Saskatchewan Rush

No offense to the Saskatoon Blades, but when you think of green, you think of Saskatchewan. The Rush do a great job of incorporating different designs and different shades of green into their helmets to make them visually standout for fans. It’s definitely one of my favorite black helmets in the NLL. 

7. Toronto Rock

I know its a simple blue helmet with the Rock logo on the backside of the helmet, but its just an absolute classic. The blue helmet also ties in with the rest of the uniform so well. Would I love for the Rock to incorporate a little more color into their helmets? Sure. But the simple blue is still way better than black for the simple fact that it’s different. 

6. Georgia Swarm

The Swarm easily get extra points for the simple fact that their helmet isn’t black, but on top of that Georgia does have some nice helmets. The blue and gold combination is simple, but it does a very good job of highlighting the logo itself while the gold lines on the top help make it more visually appealing. While it may not be as cool as their previous helmets, it is still in the top half of the league. 

5. Buffalo Bandits

The reigning back-to-back East Conference Champions come in at number five on this list. The orange (it’s almost a copper)is a great way to stand out from the rest of the black helmets in the league, but it’s the Buffalo skyline etched on the side panels that makes these helmets one of the best in the NLL. 

4. New York Riptide

Now this is where the rankings become tougher, because you could easily make the case for any of the teams in the top four, but the Riptide come in at number four on this list. The turquoise blue and dark blue combination of their home uniform does a great job of incorporating team colors, and the white helmet with the different shades of blues are just as good. 

3. Halifax Thunderbirds

Halifax came into the 2021-2022 season with new helmets, ditching the standard logo on their white helmets, for a new and improved look for this season. They still have the Thunderbird logo, but they added some flare by adding orange and purple throughout the helmet as well. Visually it easily pops on the screen for fans to see, and it works well with both their home and away jerseys. 

2. Albany Firewolves

The Firewolves may only have one helmet, but it is easily one of the best in the NLL. The red helmets have the Firewolves logo, the team name, as well as flames on the back of the helmet. It seems like it would be too much for one helmet, but Albany does a great job of incorporating everything. If every team only had one helmet option, then Albany would easily top this list. 

1. Panther City

That’s right, the expansion team takes the top spot on the list. With two helmets during their inaugural season, Panther City made sure to stand out. While they have both a black and white helmet option, Panther City did a great job of making those colors be the secondary option on their helmets. They weren’t afraid to go full purple when it came to the helmets, and that’s what makes them stand out. The panther along the backside of the helmet may be hard to see during games, but its a great feature that makes them look even better when seeing them up close.