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Pink Reebok Box Lacrosse Helmet

Rare Wednesday Lacrosse Drop!

It’s been far too long since we did a lacrosse drop. We find the stories you don’t see anywhere else and post them all in one place strictly for immediate pleasure. Gear, international lacrosse, and so much more!

I don’t think we’ve ever done a Lacrosse Drop on a Wednesday before.  It’s usually reserved for Thursdays, maybe Fridays, and ever so rarely, Saturdays.  We’re keeping you on your toes, so watch out!  It’s like a game of box lacrosse.

We’re going to run through the lacrosse stories you won’t find everywhere else, all in one place, and all for your reading pleasure.

Lacrosse Tournament in Mexico

There will be a lacrosse tournament in Mexico City on the 18th and 19th (and a clinic on the 17th) of February.  There will be 8 college teams from Mexico, one team coming down from Toronto, Canada, another team from the West Coast and possibly even a team from NYC.  From what we have heard, the fields where the games are going to be played are great for lax.  We also hear people playing lacrosse in the area are all good people that just love lacrosse and want to learn.  Sounds like a GREAT event!!!!


US Lacrosse Convention

Are you going to the US Lacrosse Convention in Philly January 13-15, 2012?  If you are and you haven’t registered yet, GET ON IT!  Now’s your chance for a $45 discount for coaches, officials and administrators!  Saving money is always good.  Early US Lacrosse Registration link.  Herman Edwards will be there.  You know, “Coach”.  He used to coach the Jets?  That guy.  He’s great!


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Plus John Danowski will be there, and so will Jim Berkman, and so will Richie Meade!  Maybe Meade will begin to talk more about Team USA in 2014… that’s exciting!  Berkman and Danowski are great to learn from, and interesting speakers.  Both the men’s and women’s sides offer a ton of speakers and opportunities to learn, network, and be involved in the biggest lax convention in the word.  LAS will be there, and we can promise it will be epic!

2011 US Lacrosse Convention ©2010 John Strohsacker /
USA! USA! USA Women sign autographs.

Photo courtest John Stroshacker and US Lacrosse.

But that is NOT everything.  In fact, it’s far from it!  The worldwide debut of the Crooked Arrows trailer will debut right before Herm takes the stage on Friday night.  And then after that?  The MLL college draft is being held!  Want to go to a pro draft?  All you have to do is RSVP via facebook.  Well, that was easy.  Add in some on field show and tell by current pros and top level coaches, tons of gear and new stuff and the Convention is going to be good this year.


Grow The Game Pink Box Lacrosse Helmet – WE LOVE IT!

Steven Trocki got his Laxmas Grab Bag and put the stickers to good use right away:

Just got the sweet grab bag ,THANK YOU!  And last week got my new box lid (saw what Malcolm Chase did to his pink lid and was inspired, and we’re playing against him tonight, maybe he’ll go easy on my ribs)… 2 and 2 together and this is what transpired!  GTG!

Pink Reebok Box Lacrosse Helmet
Sweet dome!
Pink Reebok Box Lacrosse Helmet
Play Lax!


Uganda Lacrosse League Update!

The first week of the Uganda Lacrosse League is in the books!  This is so cool… On the women’s side, the Angels and the Doves faced off with the Angels taking a 7-2 win on December 17th.  Full Report for the Women’s game. Over on the men’s side, the Panthers Lacrosse Club lost a hard fought game, 4-2, to Lacrosse Warriors.  Oneonta Lacrosse Club also won, by a score of 5-0 over Kings Lacrosse.  Full Men’s Game Reports here.  Thanks to Ibra and Katy for sending over the updates!


Universidad de Pittsburgh y Lacrosse en Panamá.

Si puede leer en Espanol, lea esto.  Lacrosse se abra paso en Panamá.



[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”masked warriors”]


A Dye To Remember

Mike Synek, our inside man at the Midwest Indoor Lacrosse Association, recently picked up a new head with a USAtastic dye job on it.  It’s also got a little deeper meaning.  I’ll let Mike explain:

This was a tribute dye for a teammate and good friend of mine who passed away in 2008.  Jason played with me at Illinois State and also served in the Navy doing a tour in Iraq before coming to ISU.  My buddy (who did the dye) wanted to keep the American flag theme with his name on the scoop and his number on the ball stop (which you can’t see from the picture).

USA JasonR Nash Dye Job Lacrosse
Sweet Dye!


Mount Olive adding lacrosse, already showing off helmets!

In 2013 Mount Olive will have an NCAA D2 Lacrosse team competing in the Carolinas Conference.  St. Andrew’s left NCAA D2 this year, and now their coach had made the move to MOC.  The lids are aggressive.  Good to see a new team popping up right when one dropped off.  It’s better than shrinkage.

Mount Olive College lacrosse helmets1
Mount Olive, getting fancy. Welcome to the lax world, MOC!DyeM

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