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Reader Poll: The Most Valuable Thing in Your Bag

This week’s Reader Poll takes a look at the more colorful side of lacrosse – GEAR! And as we all know, it’s filled with all your favorite color combinations, logos, and newest technology to keep you a level above the rest.

What is the most valuable piece of equipment in your gear bag? That sweet pinnie you got at your recruiting showcase? Your hypnotic looking shorts? The brand new custom gloves you just got? or is it your trustworthy jock and cup strap?

We aren’t looking for the most expensive piece of gear, we mean real value. Something that you just wouldn’t play without if you lost it or just couldn’t find it.

Reader Poll: WIN

If you’re still reading, which we know you are, then we hope you recognize that there is only one true correct answer in this poll. Let’s see how many of you get it right!

Don’t agree? Sound off in the comments below and tell us why.