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Reader’s Choice: Adrenaline Performance Of The Week + Last Week’s WINNERS!

It’s Baaa-aaaaaaack!!!!   Think back about all the performances you witnessed over the weekend – a team winning a big game, an individual player having a HUGE day, or a coach winning an historic game – and nominate them in the comments section as your Adrenaline Performance Of The Week. Make sure to tell us WHY you picked them! It can be a HS, college or even Pro player, team or coach.  Or even a mascot!  If they do something great!

The LAS Reader with the winning comment (and the all important LAS seal of approval!) gets a free pair of GREY Adrenaline Rasta Socks that you can’t buy in stores. You have to know people to get these… and you know us!

Here’s an example of what a nomination might look like:

I’m nominating the Onondaga Community College Lacrosse Team for going 19-0, beating Essex 12-9 in the National Championship game, and winning their third straight NJCAA title, and fifth in six years.  The Lazers have absolutely dominated JUCO ball in recent memory and their baby blue helmets inspire respect like baby blue has never done before.

Packy Dollard. Balling.


IMPORTANT: The comment with the most likes, replies (and that gets the all-important LAS stamp of approval!) will be declared the winner! This is a weekly recurring series here at LAS, so this won’t be your last chance to win free custom socks from Adrenaline!  Now, nominate away!

Adrenaline grey rasta socks
These could be yours!

And Last Week’s Winner is…


Email us at info@lacrosseallstars.com to claim your prize, you winner!