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rodman rebounding

Rebounding After A Bye Week

Rebounding after a bye week isn’t easy. It’s the same feeling for every athlete in any sport.

Rebounding after a bye week isn’t easy. Some players use the time to reset themselves through meditation, acupuncture, and maybe even a soak in the tub. Others can’t handle the lack of motion so they still go hard wherever they, doing whatever they do. Ah, life as a competitive athlete in any sport.

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Crosse Clicks 03.16.17 – Rebounding

IN YOUR FACE Podcast: Orange Bluejays (LaxAllStars)
Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers are prepared to teach you that orange bluejays are real. Also, lacrosse makes friends.

Arigato: Episode 2 | Matt Gibson, Scott Ratliff, Joey Sankey in Japan (StringKing)
Episode 2 has been released! Episode 2 features a 3 vs 3 game with the Stringking pros taking on some of Tokyo’s finest. This game doesn’t feature any fundamentals to say the least! The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with a lacrosse stick… don’t believe me check out the video! Jaw dropping to say the least

Highlights: Rutgers Moves to 7-0, Tops Princeton (Inside Lacrosse)
Rutger’s completes the turkey by handing 3 ranked opponents L’s in their last three contest! The Scarlet Knights are off to their best start since 2003, they currently stand 7-0 after knocking off a powerful Princeton team 16-11. “It’s a great, great win for our program,” head coach Brian Brecht said in a release. “We’ve played Princeton for 95 years and that’s the 30th win that Rutgers has had. Player make plays, and I’m so proud of how we handled the quick turnaround and three days’ prep to be able beat a ranked team, a crosstown rival.”

How To Hit The Wall & Improve Your Game (Ryan Powell)
Syracuse lacrosse legend Ryan Powell explains how to hit the wall and truly improve your game. (Pro tip: Rebounding helps too.)

The I-90 rivalry will be played in fashion on March, 25th as both the Knighthawks and the Bandits will be rocking these sweet military themed jerseys to raise money for a great cause!

Attacking the stigmas of lacrosse (The Loquitur)
Just a bunch of LAX BROS… the stigma that surrounds a sport that dates back to ancient Native American culture is often seen as a “privileged white kids sport.” Lacrosse holds a much bigger meaning then a game, as a sport that continues to grow at a rapid pace we will defiantly continue to see a change in the dynamic that makes a lacrosse player. Last time I checked having long, luscious hair does not make you privileged nor does is make you a bro… but it does look nice after you go top cheese!

Penn State men’s lacrosse indicates a disparity between analytics and the polls (The Daily Collegian)
Charles Barkley, the NBA analyst with a dialect that warps the meaning, and hilarity, of the term “terrible,” once said analytics were “just some crap that people who were really smart made up. Lacrosse analytics is factored by a teams goals for and against, it doesn’t factor in a team’s win/loss ratio, which is the primary determining factor of a team’s ranking in the polls. In a recent case the Penn State men’s lacrosse beat a talented Penn team 14-13, but the victory doesn’t hold a lot of value due to the fact they only won by 1 goal…

the boys getting after it. #SlowMoMonday #swarming?

A post shared by Georgia Swarm Pro Lacrosse ⚪️? (@georgiaswarmlax) on Mar 6, 2017 at 1:37pm PST

The Georgia Swarm defense selling out for the betterment of the team. This slowmo video shows what it really takes to play at the highest level!

Check Out A Men’s Lacrosse Game: A Former Hater’s Take (Onward State)
“I never really watched a lacrosse game in its entirety before coming to Penn State, so I had this notion that it was a flat sport. When I say flat, I mean that I thought that there would be so much scoring that any single goal would be relatively unimportant. I also thought that lacrosse would just be hockey, but without the challenge of skating.”

NCAA D1 SUPER Rundown – Weeks 5 & 6 (Ryan Conwell)
I know that many of you were heartbroken by not having the D1 Rundown last week so I’m making up for it with an NCAA D1 SUPER Rundown.

Two Towson Tigers Take In Your Face Weekly Honors (IN YOUR FACE)
If you missed another In Your Face LaxCast, don’t fret! We’ve got the Game of the Week and honors, led by a pair of Towson Tigers.

NLL Media Poll: Wacky, Wonderful Week 11 (Mark Donahue)
The NLL Media Poll is never easy. With only 9 teams fighting for 6 playoff spots, things are turning up in the second half of the season.

Boys Latin Soaks Up The Sunshine State (LaxAllStars)
Check out these Boys Latin lacrosse vlogs to see what it’s like to play for one of best high school lacrosse teams in America.

MCLA Top 25, What Does It Even Mean? (Ryder Cochrane)
Will the real Top 10 please stand up? A month in and it still feels like nobody really knows who the top ten MCLA teams are.

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Two Towson Tigers Take In Your Face Weekly Honors

Two Towson Tigers Take In Your Face Weekly Honors

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