Rhino Lacrosse Academy: Bend, Day 2


Second day in Bend is off and running! After a hearty breakfast and a nice cup of Joe, the Rhino lacrosse Crew are primed to coach.

Downtown Bend. Awesome city.

Having not been there for the morning session it was nice to dive right back into the Rhino drills. Not going to lie, the kids looked a little beat at the beginning but a little pep talk from Coach Rhino about the importance of these drills revived even the most tired campers.

B22 Drills (Rhino)

Following the Rhino drills, the kids did some extensive ground ball drills to get the legs moving. The coaches wanted to stress the importance of getting low and “dragging” those knuckles along the ground.

Coach Phil running a ground ball drill

After a short water break the young guns were broken up into some group stations. These stations consisted of a wide range of drills such as an accuracy contest, ground ball station, partner passing and even a stick trick station (which I had the pleasure of running). Continuously amazed about how fast these kids are picking up the game. Watch out East Coast, the West Coast is coming up fast. To end the morning sessions with the young guns was a stick trick competition to show everyone what they had learned.

DJ Mikey Powell getting the vocals warmed up to announce the competition
A nice arena for this World Famous Stick Trick Competition.

In the end, a kid that they have nicknamed “the Question” took the competition with a riveting display of aerial sidewall juggles and stick flips. Check out the video below

“The Question” knows what’s up. #growthegame

All and all the morning session, despite a slower start, came through with shining stars. Afternoon group arrived early and started out of the gates fast. After some B22 Drills, the kids went right into a group session of discussing the finer points of the fast break. Check out the coaches showing off there skills in this competition against some campers

Coach Mikey teaching the fast break.