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Rhino Lacrosse Academy: Bend, Day 3

Rhino Day 3 started off a little slow. Everyone caught word that Coach Mikey and Coach Rhino had to travel back to Portland to begin the Rhino University Camp in McMinnville and decided to slouch a little bit at first but they dove right in after a little pep talk from Coach G and Coach Cost. A nice shady morning, the shady temperature only increased the work of these little tikes.

Here we go. Coach Mario coaching the kids up.

Before Coach Mikey left he challenged us to go an entire day without saying the word boys. Needless to say it was a difficult task. Every time the word boys was said we owed twenty pushups. Coach Mario was jacked by the end of the day, doing close to six hundred pushups. (In this paragraph alone I owe forty)

Coach Mario doing some pushups for talking about the Dallas Cowboys. Counselors continuously tried to trick each other into saying it. Sidenote: Grow the Game tee!!!!

The young guns are continuously improving and it’s nice to see people who were struggling with there off hand improving drastically. Following the B22 Drills, they had a little bit of partner passing with some instruction from Coach G (Our fearless leader of the day).

Watching the tutorial. Huge fan of the blonde flow. This kid had some moves too!

Following partner passing the young guns were split into stick work stations. I was in charge of the ground ball drill and we had some serious competitors at my station. One kid’s helmet came off and was still fighting for the ball well after the whistle was blown.

Coach Nick’s stick work station.

Stations were followed by some three man weave. After a few practice rounds most of these campers were getting across the field with zero, yes ZERO, dropped passes.

Lets weave…..boys! (subsequent pushups were done)

Games soon followed the weave. Highlights of these games included an awesome diving shot and a goalie taking it coast to coast and draining the rock top left! These kids can ball.

Coach G wrapping up the day with the young guns.

After a nice hardy lunch, meatball subs (Thanks RP), we dove into the afternoon session. Again the kids came out a little flat but picked it up quickly. The B22 drills went by quickly and Coach G was incorporating cartwheels and rolls to up the challenges to these young men.

B22 Drills.

In the spirit of the Olympics the coaches decided to split the kids into “countries” and compete at each station. We had a golf station, a “pipe” station, a homerun derby, a long shot competition, and an obstacle course. Team Canada had a strong showing crushing the homerun derby and the pipe station. The obstacle course competition got heated but Team Kenya took the medal in this category but not without a fight from Team Australia. All and all the kids were loving it and it was a ton of fun to watch.

Mario, G and Cost giving them a quick speech about the lacrosse Olympics. What does Coach Mario’s shirt say?
A 412 product. Join the movement #14yardbombsquad. Coach Mario is a proud member.

With the lacrosse olympics being such a huge hit, we almost didn’t have time to fit in the ending games. Luckily the kids were more then happy to run a few minutes over and most everyone was disappointed when that final whistle blew. Tune in for the last day of Rhino takes Bend. so far each day has outdone the previous.