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Rhino Lacrosse Academy: Boise, Day 1

They’re back and ready to coach the Boise Valley in another week of action packed lax!! Led by the all-star duo of Ryan and Mikey Powell, the star studded Rhino Lacrosse Camp hit Boise with a bang. This being the camp’s fourth year making an appearance in the Gem State, the campers at both sessions came eager to learn from the best in the game.

Powell Brothers are in Boise and ready for some LAX

The young guns began their day by diving into the famous Rhino drills and working on the fundamentals of lacrosse: passing, catching, groundballs and footwork. Coach Rhino (Ryan Powell) continued to stress the importance of these drills throughout the day.

Rhino Drill. Its all about the fundamentals!!

Although fairly hot, the morning campers eagerly went through the various stations and as one camper put it “I wish we didn’t have water breaks, I would rather just rip some twine”. (Well said young lad, well said!) Word amongst the camper watering hole is that Coach Mikey and Coach Nick (Sophomore at Brown University) were running some particularly entertaining stations. I had to the opportunity to help run the ground ball station with Coach Cost and found myself learning from his teachings as well. Coach Cost (Le Moyne College where he was a two time National Champion) drilled the importance of ground balls into the campers and said that a player that is good at ground balls can find a spot on any roster.

Coach G imparting some wisdom on the kids. Guy has some enthusiasm!

The younger session finished the day out strong and were rewarded with the World Famous Rhino Lacrosse Camp trick competition. Campers had about a minute to show their stuff and although a tight competition Johnny from Boise reigned victorious and walked away with a brand new Nike CEO head (Kid had skilllllzzzz).

The judges take their places for the show. DJ Mario prepares his selections for the contestants.

Afternoon session was HOT!!! Sunscreen and water were common themes throughout the day (Sunburns as well). Although it took the campers a few drills to work the rust out of their sticks and get acclimated to the heat, the thirst to get better helped them pull through and get some valuable field time in. It was nice to see some real talent emerge out of this group of guys as we progressed through some of the unsettled situation drills. Boise has some ballers!!

Coach Mikey and Coach Cost teaching these studs a new goalie drill.

Additionally Boise has some ball stoppers. A young but talented group of goalies took a plethora (SAT word) of shots throughout the day and were amazing during the 3v2 drills, making some key doorstep stops.

Trainer’s tent was packed on this scorcher of a day. Must find shade!

The day was highlighted by a final game between the campers. A tough fight on both sides of the field but due to acclimate weather the game had to be called early. I’m sure tomorrow Coach G and the Dangledogs will be gearing up to battle Coach Mario and the…..and the…well they didn’t have a name but I’m sure they will be eager to battle as well!

Dangledogs taking it to the house.

All and all a solid first day of camp. The campers are eager to learn, the coaches are eager to coach and everyone is ready to lax.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 2 of Rhino Lacrosse Camp Boise. A little birdie told me we may have another World Famous Rhino competition. Don’t want to give anything away but…..

Prepare your moves.

And before I leave I have to show you this little gem of a video. They are pretty good at lacrosse….I guess.