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Rhino Lacrosse Academy: Boise, Day 4

Final day of camp and myself and all the campers are wishing that this fun extravaganza could continue forever.
Young guns have made leaps and bounds

Final day of camp is upon us and myself and all the campers are wishing that this fun extravaganza could continue forever. Everyone in the camp has vastly improved and it was time for them to show us one last time the new things they had learned.

The day started out, with you guessed it, Rhino Drills (which I discovered are actually called B22, oops). The coaches have been continuously increasing the difficulty of these drills and most kids were killing it at the end. After this they were split into stations again. Coach Powell was running a popular station that the kids were calling “Catch O’Rama”. It got pretty intense

Coach Phil’s Station

Coach Rhino and Coach Mikey gave a midday speech about the importance of stick skills in the game of lacrosse. Coach Rhino always says “I may not be the strongest, the fastest or the biggest but I always tried to have the best stick skills”. They also told the story of how they used to have their mother sew a “holster” in their shorts so they could carry their sticks. Now that is dedication. (Mrs. Eck?? Can I get a holster?)

Oh hey Coach Rhino

The young guns ended their day with a quick scrimmage. Intensity was high the last day as everyone was implementing what they had been learning all week. Following these scrimmages the campers were pretty surprised when they found out they are getting a brand new Nike Vandal shaft, some of which were customized with the campers name on it (awesome).

Custom Nike Vandal shaft
It’s like Christmas Morning!!

The older kids dove right into some Rhino drills followed by some ground ball drills on this scorcher of an afternoon. They then went into a unsettled situation drill that got pretty heated (some boys got pretty physical). This was followed by a continuous 4v3 drill where spacing was stressed on both offensive and defensive side of the ball.

Continuous 4v3’s

The older kids ended the day with some scrimmages in the teams they had been playing with all week. Rivalries were established throughout the week and the intensity was high. In the end Coach Nicks team reigned victorious after a last second goal. It was fun to see the bonding of kids from various high schools throughout the valley. Following the games, the older boys were also given shafts and had the Powell brother sign a few autographs. The Rhino Store was also pretty busy as everyone was trying to get those last minute purchases in.

Camp Store was bumping. Be sure to check out the Rhino website for other sweet gear.

The Rhino Lacrosse Camp has ended but it is my hope that the learning of these kids has not. This being my home state, I think its awesome that we have the world class instruction that the Rhino Lacrosse Camp has to offer. This is the type of camp that Idaho and the west in general needs to continue to elevate the level of play. As the Rhino saying goes Charge on Boise!

Thanks Rhino. Come back very soon!!
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