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Rhino Lacrosse Announces Strategic Collaboration With Lake Placid Lacrosse

Words like collaboration and partnership get tossed around a lot between all of the lacrosse industries. People tend to love the concept of working together, but a million things can get in the way, and in the end, very few true partnerships emerge, especially between organizations that are fully owned and operated by wholly separate groups.

However, Rhino Lacrosse and Lake Placid Lacrosse seem to have found a way to make it work, and we get the feeling that this could set a new standard for Summer tournament partnerships.

The partnership between Rhino and LPL starts off with the promotion of the brand new Saratoga Springs Lacrosse Shootout, and will expand to other events and programs in the future. Seeing as LPL runs the Summit Lacrosse Tournament (Lake Placid), which has been running for 24 years, that seems like an obvious next step!

Mutual respect seems to be a major driver here, for both parties. Ryan Powell had this to say about the Leveilles, and the LPL:

I’ve always had tremendous respect for George and the entire Leveille family,” said Ryan Powell, Rhino Lacrosse Founder. “The Lake Placid Tournament is hands down the best tournament the game has to offer. I’m very confident that teaming up with the Lake Placid organization will allow us to grow the Saratoga Springs Lacrosse Shootout in a respectable and authentic way.

George Leveille, of LPL, echoed the above sentiments:

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Rhino in Saratoga to create a stellar event in a spectacular destination. We share Ryan’s vision for the Shootout and with our local network and experience, we look forward to assisting Rhino in making this a signature event.

For more on the Saratoga Springs Lacrosse Shootout, check out our announcement post on the tournament. Check back soon for more info from Rhino and the SSLS!

And now… Lacrosse!