Soft hands!
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Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Boise, Day 3

Bang! Day 3 at Rhino Lacrosse Camp in Boise was a blast for coaches and campers alike. Competitions were everywhere and campers were all ears to everything being said by the coaches.

The competitive atmosphere at Rhino Camps is instilled by coaches who are always competed against each other outside (and sometimes inside) of drills during each session. The competitive feeling rubs off onto the campers who then push themselves even harder to win drills.

Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” It sounds like Coach Lombardi attended a few Rhino Camps!

One drill that always gets people competing is the Fast Break Demo. Fast breaks are a huge part of lacrosse, so the coaches go through both the offensive and defensive side of the break and how to work from each position on the field.

After a little explanation, it was off to the races (no not those ones). A few courageous defensemen and a goalie volunteer got to take on the coaches as they showed how to properly execute a fast break. Today we played to 5… or 10, I forgot.

After the fast break demo we worked on some positional drills – each coach taking a different position and focusing on some key parts of that position that will help the campers to up their game to the next level. I nabbed the defense and let me just say that some of these guys are intimidating. As a middie, nothing is worse than a big, loud, charging d-pole with good body positioning.

When we got done with drills we moved on to our afternoon games. While two of the teams played, the other two teams took part in a little egg toss.

Soft hands!

Campers did alright until we got around 15-20 yards…

Eggs and yolk everywhere…

If you’ve been following our Rhino Lacrosse Camp series, you know by now that Rhino likes to take a little time and let the campers have some fun throughout the week. We’ve had goal celebration contests at each camp this summer, and I think we’ve found a new leader in the competition. These kids had some moves to challenge John Travolta and Kevin Bacon… see for yourself!

This summer the relationship between LAS and Rhino Lacrosse has really flourished. Among the many other reasons, this is one of them – Coach Powell is all about Growing the Game. We ran into a little complication at camp with not having enough goalies signed up. So what does RP do? He invites some local high school goalies to come to the camp and attend on scholarship, while still partaking in all of the drills and instruction that the other campers get. That’s huge!

Coach Gaebel helping out the defense – he received a nice little welt from one of the campers while in cage.

Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Boise is almost over… only one more day left. Make sure to come back tomorrow and check out day 4 of camp in the City of Trees!