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Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Flagstaff, Day 1

Hello Flagstaff! Rhino Lacrosse has arrived and is already getting started, no wasted time here!

This week will be just a tad different. Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Flagstaff is an overnight camp at NAU where campers will partake in multiple sessions throughout the day and crash in the NAU dorms at night.

You know what that means? More lax for the campers! They’ll have more time to work on their game and improve at every aspect of it.

What a view!
Checking in – This place is very scenic.

Once we were all checked in, we got the campers right out on the field and ready to go before dinner. A little helmet, gloves and stick action for these guys… Getting them started early and ready for that Rhino Lacrosse Camp pace.

Getting it going!

After a short break for dinner we moved into our evening session. Once camp was underway I heard several campers say phrases like, “the other camps I attended weren’t this hard.” Yup, Rhino Camps are hard and they ask a lot out of you, who would’ve thought? By the end of the week these kids are going to be much better players, and they’ll have a greater understanding of the game to go along with their improvement.

Evening session, under the lights.

When the campers realized camp wasn’t going to be a cakewalk, you could see a switch click in their heads. Many of them stepped up to the plate and got things accomplished in the evening session. We also got to experience this gem too… thanks Arizona!

Now that’s a perty sunset.

During a water break, Coach Cost felt compelled to flex his muscles. This is what ensued.

This camper needed a little trim for his pinnie:

Hasn’t quite hit his growth spurt yet!

Stay tuned all week to check out how our overnighter in Flagstaff goes. Lax all day, lax all summer… gettin’ it done!