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Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Flagstaff, Day 3

Day 3 in Flagstaff and some more curve balls thrown in the coaches’ way in regards to the weather. The morning session went off without a hitch and we were able to get a lot accomplished and get the campers through a ton of drills and reps. The campers also received a little gift from Rhino Lacrosse at the end of the morning session. Can you guess what it was?

New Nike Lacrosse bags! What a deal.

With the great weather we had in the morning session, we went out after lunch keeping our fingers crossed that we would be just as fortunate in the afternoon session. We got the campers to the field and got everyone nice and loose for a great afternoon of lax and learning. Look at these skies, do they look scary to you? Me neither.

Gettin stupid loose.

After some solid 3 man, 2 ball the D1 kids moved into the Rhino Drill, while the D2 and D3 kids went over fast breaks and began practicing them. The clouds started to move in over Flagstaff so we worked to get through everything as efficiently as possible.

Coach Cost running through the fast breaks one more time.

But as usual with our afternoon sessions so far, lightning struck in Flagstaff. This time the facility guys guessed it was around 1/2 mile to 1 mile away, close enough for us, time to hit the shelter and wait it out.  Luckily for us, there was only 30 minutes left in our afternoon session. So while we waited, Coach Heim and Coach Silverstein had some one on one time with the campers and shared their lacrosse stories.

Lightning, thunder and storms galore.

The storm cleared up nicely after dinner though and the evening session ended up being a stellar one. The campers worked their tail off and got a lot of looks in some very competitive drills and full-field scrimmages. The campers needed a little kick in the butt to start this week, but they have really responded now and it is very prevalent on the field. My favorite part is that kids are asking questions, and good ones too.

Remember the awesome bag that everyone of the campers got from above, well enjoy this little before and after of one of the smallest, but most relentless campers at Rhino Flagstaff.

Looking like a proud fisherman.Aaaand after. 

At the end of tonight’s session, we gave the camper’s a little taste of the fun to be had tomorrow, the world famous Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Bucket Contest. Tomorrow there will be the ever popular Goal Celebration contest and the stick trick competition as well. Should be a fun-filled day for all the little ones as they get a great mixture of fun and competitive lacrosse.

With the always fair RP ready to ref.

Make sure to come back tomorrow to check out all the action.

Also, you may have noticed there were no videos for both Day 3 and Day 4. We apologize, but while we are all trying to get ready for Tahoe and finishing up the Flagstaff camp, we have very limited time to put together the videos. With that said, we will be reposting all the videos from these last few days after the weekend. We apologize for any inconvienence and hope you’ll stay with us for all the updates.