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Rhino Lacrosse Camps: Idaho, Washington, Oregon & Arizona!

Jeff Brunelle has found an instructional summer camp he trusts for all those West Coasters in need. Rhino Lacrosse is making its way through Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Arizona so check it out and see if one of these camps is near you.

Here at Lax All Stars, we’re not entirely sold on the benefits of solely attending recruiting camps over the Summer. Sure, you might get “noticed,” but a bunch of us have worked these camps as staff members and know that a lot of players still slip through the cracks.  So what else is there? Well, there are still instructional camps out there, and attending a good one do a lot for a young player’s overall game.

A week of lacrosse-only instruction from the guys who do it for a living can make a huge difference. LAS’ own Connor Wilson went to just one lacrosse camp in HS, and it was an instructional camp. He says he learned more there than he ever would have learned at one of these modern recruiting camps. The competition wasn’t anything special, but the focused instruction was. He got what he put into it and it helped him get ready to play at the next level. (Editor’s note: NESCAC baby!)

Finding a good instructional camp can be tough, but we’re confident when we say that Ryan Powell’s Rhino Academies are going to get the job done, and then some. A passionate leader is key to a camp’s success both on and off the field and Ryan fits the bill.  If you don’t believe us, check out his recent blog on LAS about his life as an NLL player. This is a guy who has his life together in a major way! He keeps it fun and fast-paced, and is directly involved with instruction at his camps. Since he knows the importance of high quality instruction, Powell also hand picks the other coaches, and these guys are big name players and coaches as well.

Rhino Lacrosse camps coaching staff
Nice shot of the Staff at one of the Rhino Camps

If you’re out West, there’s a good chance the Rhino Academies are heading your way, so check out the dates and locations below. Recruiting camps can get you noticed, but only if you’re good enough. Instructional camps are a great way to become better than good enough.

Rhino Lacrosse in Boise, Idaho – July 11th – 14th (day camp)

Rhino Lacrosse is charging into Boise, Idaho for the 3rd straight year, at Fairmont Park on July 11th – 14th. The Rhino Academy is open to boys grades 3-12.  Follow the link below to learn more about the Rhino Academy in Boise and as an extra incentive, there is a discount on the cost of the camp if you sign up by April 1st… and the first 30 players to sign up receive a Nike Dunk head.  Not a bad deal, right?

2011 Boise Rhino Lacrosse Academy

Rhino Lacrosse in Seattle, Washington – June 27th – June 30th (day camp)

This will be the first year that Ryan Powell and Rhino Lacrosse will be holding a camp in the Seattle area.  As a side note to the Seattle area people considering this camp, parents are allowed to attend all on-field sessions.  Pretty cool that a parent could not only watch their kid if they wanted, but also possibly learn more about the game themselves.  Always good to know about your children’s interests!

2011 Seattle Rhino Lacrosse Academy

Rhino Lacrosse in Oregon – multiple locations and dates (ALL day camps)

Rhino Lacrosse will be back in West Linn for their 7th summer camp in 2011, June 20th- June 23rd. That’s a nice run! Casey Powell (NLL MVP), Brian Dougherty (MLL Goalie of the Year), RP and more will all be there. Should be an awesome week.  The dates are still TBD, so check back on the Rhino site for more information.

2011 West Linn Rhino Lacrosse Academy

For the Lake Oswego Academy, Rhino does something a little different.  This is a beginner’s academy where the campers only need to bring their sticks.  This camp runs for 2 hours a day, from 10am to noon from June 27th to June 30th.  There are discounts for signing up before April 1st or May 1st and every camper gets a Rhino T-shirt.  Great way to introduce new kids to the sport!

2011 Lake Oswego Rhino Lacrosse Academy

The La Salle Prep Academy is also a beginner’s academy, like Lake Oswego.  It runs from July 11th-14th from 10am to noon and is another chance to introduce new players to the game while keeping it fun.  It’s just sticks and fun instruction for 2 hours a day.

2011 La Salle Prep Rhino Lacrosse Academy

The Bend Academy will be unique.  In the morning, players that have finished grades 3-7 will play and learn.  In the afternoon, players who have finished grades 8-12 will play.  This is one of the camps where Ryan will be doing a LOT of hands on instruction.  The dates are July 25th – 28th and the morning/afternoon split will allow kids to really go hard for half the day and not burn out.

Rhino Lacrosse in Flagstaff, Arizona – July 17th – 21st (extended day camp or overnight)

The Rhino camp in Flagstaff will be the only overnight camp of the Summer.  The camp will be held at Northern Arizona University and players will be able to stay in dorms, or come from home.  This is another camp where Ryan will be doing a lot of hands on instruction and the atmosphere will be fun, but intense!  This is probably the most advanced of all the camps and there will even be talks on how to navigate the recruiting process.  This is for players who really want to make big strides this Summer.

2011 Flagstaff, AZ Rhino Lacrosse Academy

Nike Dunk
The first 30 registrants for each summer academy get an unstrung Nike Dunk head

Editor’s note: Too old for camps? You can still get Rhinofied. Look no further than The Lacrosse Shop! Every purchase helps support

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