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Rhino Lacrosse Expanding Reach in 2013

Earlier this week, Rhino Lacrosse announced their 2013 Summer Academy schedule. Earlier today, we featured three of the events we were able to attend last summer (West Linn, Boise, & Bend), but Rhino has a lot more in the works than just three Summer Academies…

Rhino Lacrosse

Ryan Powell, and the great staff at Rhino Lacrosse, will be attending five new camps this summer in the Carolinas, Bozeman, MT, North Country, NY, Rochester, NY, and Syracuse, NY – increasing their total offering to 12 Summer Academies.

With some of the brightest and most experienced minds in the lacrosse world staffing the camps, it is sure to be incredibly beneficial for every camper in attendance.

But it doesn’t stop there, as Rhino also announced a strategic collaboration with Lake Placid Lacrosse for their inaugural Saratoga Springs Lacrosse Shootout, kicking off in July of 2013. Summer 2013 is going to be a busy couple of months for the guys over at Rhino Lacrosse, but could easily be one of their most successful to date and you know the Rhino crew will have a blast while doing it.

Keep up to date with all things Rhino Lacrosse at RhinoLacrosse.com, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Rip Rhino and the gang have been releasing some fantastic videos lately!

Grow The Game! Good luck gentlemen!