2013 Rhino Pick 'Em Contest
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RESULTS ARE IN – Rhino Pick ‘Em, Week 4


* = RP picked correctly

*Cornell 17, Princeton, 11
Loyola 8, JHU 4
*Mercyhurst 12, Seton Hill 9
*Le Moyne 15, St. Michael’s 4
Stevens 11, Ithaca 4
*W & L 11, H-S 10
*Stanford 15, Cal 9
*Boise State 23, Idaho 15
Rocky Mt. 8, Timberline 5
Columbine (CO) 5, Mullen (CO) 3

RP’s Score: 6/10

RP may have been off this week, but so was everyone else! Only three members beat RP this week.

  • Ryan Mulvaney (9/10)
  • Mike (9/10)
  • Billy Nguyen (8/10)

Stay tuned for another round of Rhino Pick ‘Em later this week!

Originally published on April 26th, 2013

Hey LAS nation, you ready for round 4? Lots of good games to choose from this week, and I think I’ve got you beat!

If you’re new to Rhino Pick ‘Emmake sure you watch this video. Each week I’ll select 10 games to highlight. I’ll predict the winners and tell you why I think they’ll win the game. Then, you get a chance to go straight up against me in a one-on-one pick ’em battle. Get more right than I do, and my company, Rhino Lacrosse, will hit you up with a free sticker pack in the mail.
*Week 3 results can be found here.

Alright, you ready for this? Hit me with your best shot.

NCAA Division 1

#6 Cornell vs. #12 Princeton

Two Ivy League top dogs battle it out. The Big Red vs. the Tigers, Pannell vs Schreiber, which top-scorer will lead his team to victory! I’m going Pannell and the Big Red take this one. They are a formidable team this year. Cornell 10-9 in OT.

#7 Loyola vs. #11 Hopkins

You ready for this? We all know rivalry games make every playing field even. The Blue Jays at Homewood Field are running fast right now and Pierce Bassett and the Hopkins defense held the Terrapins to just four goals in their big win over Maryland two weeks ago. Hopkins upsets Loyola 11-8

NCAA Division 2

#1 Mercyhurst vs. #6 Seton Hill

Everyone loves a good in-state rivalry, both Mercyhurst and Seton Hill have DOMINATED their respective seasons. The Lakers are 13-0 and the Griffins haven’t lost since February. Mercyhurst will take this one though, in dominating fashion with a 15-9 win.

#4 Le Moyne vs. #9 St. Michael’s

St. Michael’s is still rebounding from their loss to Merrimack earlier this week and won’t be ready for Le Moyne. Dolphins take this one 11-9.

NCAA Division 3

#11 Stevens vs. Ithaca

I’m feeling it this week, maybe it’s that New York connection or maybe it’s because Ithaca has outscored their opponents 63-14 in the past four games. Stevens is primed for the upset and Ithaca wins 12-11.

#12 Washington & Lee vs. Hampden-Sydney

H-S won a hard fought victory over Lynchburg last week, but I think the Generals are ready to take charge here. Washington & Lee wins this one 14-11.


#9 Cal vs. #12 Stanford

Huge game! WCLL playoffs seeding on the line, national rankings on the line, and just a huge rivalry between the two schools. Look for Stanford to rebound to their winning ways with a hard fought victory here. Stanford 9-8.

Boise State vs. Idaho

With the Governor’s Trophy on the line, this is always a great game. But you can’t go against Boise State at home, on the blue. Boise State 15-11.

High School

Mullen (CO) vs. Columbine (CO)

Huge game between two top Colorado teams, the 9-3 Mustangs look to rebound from a loss to Cherry Creek, while the 7-4 Columbine Rebels look to keep up their winning ways. Little did you know, I coached at Mullen for a season! Sticking with the Mustangs for the 12-10 win.

Rocky Mountain (ID) vs. Timberline (ID)

Big Idaho match-up! Rocky Mountain is currently the only undefeated team (6-0) in conference but has yet to see one of the top dogs in the Valley. Timberline is young and vulnerable but are backed into a corner right now. I’m going with another upset here, Timberline over Rocky Mountain in a dog fight, 7-6.

Now it’s your turn. Think you can beat me? Submit your picks below. But remember, you have sign in as an LAS member first.

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