2013 Rhino Pick 'Em Contest
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RESULTS ARE IN – Rhino Pick ‘Em, Week 5


* = RP picked correctly

*Maryland 18, Colgate 6
LIU Post 17, Chestnut Hill 5
*Washington & Lee 7, Lynchburg 6 OT
Wesleyan 9, Middlebury 8
*Colorado College 14, Whittier 7
*Sonoma State 6, Cal Poly 4
*Concordia 25, UC-San Diego 8
*Oregon State 11, Simon Fraser 4
*Chaminade (NY) 12, Greenwich (CT) 5
St. Mark’s 8, Highland Park 4 (TX)

RP’s Score: 7/10

Only three members beat RP this week.

  • Zach LaRose (9/10)
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (8/10)
  • Jeff Brunelle (8/10) – Hey! We know that name!

Stay tuned for another round of Rhino Pick ‘Em later this week!

Originally published on May 3rd, 2013

Hey LAS nation, you ready for round 5? Lots of good games to choose from this week, and I think I’ve got you beat!

If you’re new to Rhino Pick ‘Emmake sure you watch this video. Each week I’ll select 10 games to highlight. I’ll predict the winners and tell you why I think they’ll win the game. Then, you get a chance to go straight up against me in a one-on-one pick ’em battle. Get more right than I do, and my company, Rhino Lacrosse, will hit you up with a free sticker pack in the mail.
*Week 4 results can be found here.

Alright, you ready for this? Hit me with your best shot.

NCAA Division 1

#7 Maryland vs. Colgate

I expect Colgate to keep this one close- Senior day for a strong class including last years player of the year, Peter Baum. Colgate not having a great 2013 season but will play inspired and play with confidence; they have taken the terps down before so they know what it takes. I believe that Maryland has too much fire power and will win this one. Terps 12-10.

NCAA Division 2

#5 LIU Post vs. Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill is no slouch, especially with Coach Doc leading the charge. Will the Griffins have what it takes to upset the #5 team in the country though? As I have said before, in order to win the Rhino Pick ‘Em contest you need to have a few upsets. This is my major upset pick of the week; CHC wins 10-9.

NCAA Division 3

Washington & Lee vs. Lynchburg

It’s ODAC time! Who’s going to get the AQ here? Will Lynchburg keep rolling? The answer to these two questions is simple – W&L and no. I Like Washington & Lee 14-11.

Wesleyan vs. Middlebury

One goal game earlier this year for Middlebury. Do we see the same result in the NESCAC semis? Middlebury wins 12-10.

Whittier vs. Colorado College

The two most Western teams face off in D3 to see who is better. All about pride here! Colorado College wins in O.T. 11-10.


#7 Sonoma State vs. #18 Cal Poly

Sonoma State hasn’t played a game since April 14th and after beating Cal Poly 11-5, lost to UCSB 14-7. Will this hurt Sonoma State on their playoff run? Cal Poly should be coming back hungry and ready to put in the work needed to win, especially after beating Stanford 11-10 and staying fresh with a win over Chico State this past weekend. I’m predicting that the long break helps SS and they put a complete smack down on Cal Poly. 15-8 final!

#5 Concordia vs. UC-San Diego

UCSD may be unranked, but they are ready to make a run at the WCLL D2 Championship, while #5 Concordia is looking to glance off any blows headed their way and keep their eyes affixed on Greenville. #5 wins by 5. Concordia 15-10.

#17 Simon Fraser vs. #19 Oregon State

Oregon State is definitely on the rise this year and has been proving that week in and week out. Will the Beavers have what it takes to bring a new name to the PNCLL Championship for the first time in what seems like forever? Beavers get er’ done – 12-11.

High School

Highland Park vs. St. Mark’s (TX)

This should be a good match up of two heavyweight schools in TX. Highland Park has a lot of heart and a lot of tradition – they win 9-7.

Chaminade (NY) vs. Greenwich (CT)

Long Island lacrosse in the house! Chaminade has a few studs that will prove to be too much for Greenwich. Winner, 13-8.

Now it’s your turn. Think you can beat me? Submit your picks below. But remember, you have sign in as an LAS member first.

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