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Rob Pannell Being Rob Pannell: Shovel Goal


It’s a shovel shot, but for some reason it seems like more than that. Maybe it’s all the pressure Pannell was under right before shooting it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a playoff game. Maybe it’s the fact that Eamon gives it the SportsCenter Top 10 call… we’re not sure. We are sure, however, that this was a monster effort by RP3.

On another note, let’s come up with a new way of giving people nicknames, shall we? Initial, initial, number is not original. It’s not even a nickname. It’s just people being lazy. And we’ve been lazy too with all this AB3 nonsense. So to break the laziness slump, we’re giving Pannell a new nickname: LRH. That’s short for Little Red Hulk.

Why Little Red Hulk? Just look at this picture of Pannell with his shirt off. HIT THE WEIGHT ROOM, guy. Sheesh… Pannell is a mini-monster. Also, after he scores, he definitely gets “Hulk Smash” face, and we love it. See the video above for proof.


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