Romagnoli, Deluca - Players of the Week
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Romagnoli, Deluca – Players of the Week

This week we acknowledge two Delaware Blue Hens playing under our Coach of the Week Bob Shillingslaw. Andrew Romagnoli, who scored two goals and three dimes, and freshman goalie Matt Deluca, who had 19 saves, against Rutgers.

They say big players come up in big games, and these two certainly didn’t shy away from the opportunity to step up. That’s why these two Blue Hens are your IN YOUR FACE Players of the Week.

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Players of the Week: Matt Deluca, Andrew Romagnoli

Freshman goaltender Matt Deluca from University of Delaware had 19 saves in the Blue Hens’ 13-9 win over number one ranked Rutgers. Enough said.

Andrew Romangoli knows how to score. He’s been doing it his entire career, well before college, and it’s just impressive.

There was a different tone coming out of that blue hands locker room for that game, and it’s good to see. They’re 7-3 with a win over the number one team in the country. Two losses that we originally thought were going to be bad losses are no longer that bad. Delaware’s a team that’s scary and definitely gonna compete for a CAA championship.

We were pumped to see players like Andrew Romangoli and Matt Deluca step up big against the number 1 team in the country! Way to go fellas.

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