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Running Stairs With Mitch Belisle

Welcome to Running Stairs with Mitch Belisle!

I woke up bright and early to film our next Training with Trilogy video, and I caught Mitch Belisle getting after it on the rocky stairs located in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. Mitch’s MLL season with the Boston Cannons just recently ended, and before the NLL and next MLL seasons start up, Mitch has to continue to train during the short offseason.

training _with_trilogy

One of the ways that Belisle keeps his training work outs fresh is for him to use the place where he lives (in this case NYC) to his advantage. He finds different features in parks, and on the street, and one of the most basic elements is running stairs!

There are really countless ways to get a good workout in on any set of stairs, even the ones in your house, local park, your apartment building, or a local parking garage. If you don’t have stairs nearby, you can also look for a decent hill to run up and down. It achieves many of the same goals.

The point here is to get out and be active. Challenge yourself by finding new ways to push your body. Find a set of stairs, or a hill, and get to work!

Running Stairs With Mitch Belisle

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Mitch goes through a number of different variations on how to run the stairs. He does one run through on every stair, then every other stair, then sideways, then one leg hops, then squat jumps, and even walks his hands up the stairs going backwards. It’s impressive and shows the only limit to your workout is your creativity and willingness to try something new.

For more great training advice and columns, check out Training with Trilogy posts! There is something there to help ANYONE become a better lacrosse player and athlete, including YOU!

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