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Russia lacrosse fans

Russia Lacrosse Making Some Strides?

Did the potential lacrosse giant that is Russia just wake up? The sport of lacrosse has been played in Russia for over 4 years now, but the movement seems to be picking up serious steam.
Da, lacrosse!

I remember having a T-shirt as a kid that read Red Square Lacrosse, with a picture of a lacrosse stick being used as a flagpole for the Soviet flag.  And I can remember thinking, “this is as close to getting lax in Russia as we’ll ever get”.  Thankfully, I was a stupid kid and now, 19 years later I’ve been proved wrong!

While lacrosse has been played on some level in areas of Russia since at least 2007, it seems like there has never been a FULL, ten men per side game there ever, at least according to the St. Petersburg Times article.  But all that changes this Saturday when a group of students from St. Petersburg take on a team from Moscow for what basically amounts to the first ever national championship.  I mean, why not?  These are the ONLY two full sided teams in the country… so how is this NOT their national championship?

It’s really exciting to see Russia pick up the sport, and their admittance to the FIL last month as a new country speaks to the progress being made.  I would certainly love to see a Russian team in Denver in 2014!  My mom and dad were able to travel to Russia, back when it was the USSR, on an economic advisory council, and the stories they brought back were amazing.  The Soviet Union may be no more, but I want to get over to see Russia just as badly.  And now I might even be able to teach, play and coach some lacrosse as well.  I like where this is heading.

To check out the full article on the upcoming game, check out the St. Petersburg Times article.

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