Salaam Dunk: Film By An Ex-Lacrosse Player

Salaam DunkSalaam Dunk
Still from the trailer.

David Fine is a filmmaker who grew up outside of Seattle (he also played lax with our own Connor Wilson at Wesleyan).  David’s latest project is called Salaam Dunk where he focuses on women playing basketball in Northern Iraq as recently as last year.  The two and a half minute trailer can be seen below via a link for the next 30 days.

Initially, the trailer was placed online with the goal to raise $10,000 to really get the film going.  After all, shooting tons of footage, editing that footage down to about 2 hours and then syncing up soundtracks and more is only a small part of making a film.  There are a lot of other expenses.  However, as of 1:45pm April 5th, the film has raised over $12,000, and it still had 30 days to go!

We’re firm believers in sports in general, not just lacrosse (although lax is our personal favorite), so we wanted to do what we could to help spread the word.  Ex-laxers (yeah, I said it) doing interesting things, telling stories that need to be told… it gets the LAS stamp of approval!  Hopefully this will inspire you to tell a story, coach some kids or just help a stranger on the street.  Good vibes.

The trailer is well worth watching!

Salaam Dunk Trailer and Link to Contribute

Salaam DunkSalaam Dunk

Still from the trailer.

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