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Salt Shakerz Keeping The Summer Alive

Editor’s Note: The Salt Shakerz capped off their Summer of lacrosse and are now entering their fall phase, which includes some limited edition board shorts! See below for a Summer update from the Shakerz, the tourneys and events where you can see them this Fall, and an interview they did with UnCommon Fit!


The Salt Shakerz capped off the 2012 summer club circuit with two tournaments within one week
of each other! The Shakerz participated in the Ocean City Lax Classic (August 16 th – 19th) and the Southampton Shootout (August 25th). Summer Lacrosse keeps getting better!

Quick Tournament Recap:

Ocean City Lax Classic – Continues to be a favorite tournament for the Shakerz… Competition, beach and a great tournament keep the Shakerz coming back every year. Some of the best lacrosse with some great players can be found here in mid August. The team finished (1-3) playing some great competition throughout the event. Baltimore Crabs, Jack Lingo Realty, CyberCore Technologies, and Lightning Wear Apparel participated alongside the Shakerz in the Surfside division.

CityLax Southampton Shootout – The Shakerz made their first trip out to the Hamptons to play in this 4 year old tournament. Similar to Ocean City, the Shakerz found great competition with a good vibe coming from the venue and other tourney participants. Its always nice to play well and win but to see players from all teams interacting both on and off the field highlights that club lacrosse is more about growing the game and sharing in the sport we all love. The Shakerz finished (1-2) playing Harvard Alumni, ULAX and Jagermeister.

CJ Greene, just shaking it.

Uncommon Fit Sponsorship:

Making a lifestyle board short for the Shakerz!

The Shakerz hope to keep the Summer going while partnering with lifestyle apparel company, Uncommon Fit for a custom board short design. The concept behind these Indian Summer shorts? Simple. Keep the Summer vibe alive, and find warm weather to finish out the 2012 lax season. The Shakerz have a few events remaining in 2012 including: Laxtoberfest, Annapolis – September 29th, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, New York – October 20th, and Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase, Las Vegas – November 9th.

It was a great summer on and off the field and the Shakerz hope to keep the good times going.

For the “Indian Summer” board short edition, UcFit was excited to link up with the Salt Shakerz (see exclusive interview below with UncommonFit’s PJ Martin) in order to give the lacrosse community its first glance at their “Diamond Skin 4-way Stretch” Retro-Cut board short. “Diamond Skin 4-way Stretch” material is a favorite of pro surfers around the world and is viewed as the highest quality board short material on the planet.


The Shakerz will be wearing these bad boys on the many sidelines and on beaches for years to come! More importantly, Uncommon Fit is making 50 pairs of these exclusive board shorts available to the public! When these classic pairs of ocean-wear are gone, that’s it! Find them through the end of October on their website –

Uncommon Fit

The company was founded by three friends and high school lacrosse teammates who have a strong desire to live and promote a lifestyle of positive doing and being. Having our base in athletics, education, art, music and community service, the UcFit Crew has worked hard to design a lifestyle apparel brand that offers both unique, standout designs along with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Using a variety of materials and design mechanisms, with a specialization in high definition dye sublimation, Uncommon Fit provides apparel that is head-turning and comfortable in any scenario from the playing field to the next wave, your school, office or living room couch! Grown out of a New Jersey apartment in 2010, Uncommon Fit aims to utilize their success to help promote people and organizations that are passionate about good causes and an active lifestyle.

Why partner with Salt Shakerz Lacrosse?

The Salt Shakerz truly possess a strong passion for what they love, lacrosse. Furthermore, the philanthropic efforts aimed at Breast Cancer demonstrate another one of the significant aspects of the organization. From day one, Uncommon Fit has been drawn to similar passionate and altruistic people in order to work together to create excellent apparel reflecting the lifestyle and vision of the UcFit founders. Undoubtedly, the opportunity to partner with the Shakerz for this special, unheard-of, “Indian Summer” release is an excellent time to unveil the first crossover lacrosse/surf “Diamond Skin 4-way Stretch” board short.


What makes Uncommon Fit the right choice for both athletic and lifestyle apparel?

The UcFit crew has been working to promote a diverse, active lifestyle that embraces positive thinking, feeling and acting. Through apparel that embraces both high-quality materials and unique stand-out designs, Uncommon Fit represents people who are passionate and excited about their undertakings whether those activities are on a field, a ring, in a classroom, wherever. All of our apparel pieces are tailored for a unique fit guided by the driven individuals who live our brand. We believe that people need to do what they love, to follow their passions and we strive to provide some awesome gear for them to wear while doing just that.

Unlike many major lifestyle apparel brands that splash the same stuff from place to place, UcFit believes in truly special and custom clothing. We create two different “lines” of apparel – our Standard Gear (far from standard!) and our Limited Issue. The Standard Gear is made up of designs that we believe speak to a large audience and deserve to be enjoyed and worn by the masses. Standard pieces like our Hot Tub Time Machines (Lacrosse Magazine, January 2012) and the Purple Cobras have a big time fan following so we keep them available for all. The concept behind the Limited Issue is that we only create 50 pieces of a new item. When that 50 runs out, it is gone forever! This way when you are wearing your UcFit gear, you know it is special and it has a story behind it. You are one of only 50 people who own that Limited Issue item and you deserve to have some swagger and be proud of your gear!

Where can we find more information about Uncommon Fit?

There are three ways to find more info about Uncommon Fit gear and the UcFit Crew:

1) Our website is Much of our Standard and Limited Issue designs are available through the site and you can check out some of the L.I.’s from the past. Our site recently underwent a major overhaul to reflect our activities and events, but in order to really stay on top of what the UcFit Crew is doing you need to get on…

2) Facebook – UncommonFit , Twitter and Instagram – @uncommonfit. Our social media pages have constant updates on our new gear and also on the activities of the UcFit Crew. In order to keep up with our new Limited Issues, which often come and go in a weekend, you need to find us at…

3) Events! Keep an eye out for Uncommon Fit and the UcFit Crew at many events. We frequent athletic events (lacrosse, surf, MMA), music festivals and other experiences that look to provide an awesome atmosphere! Best part of seeing us out is that the Crew always brings new pieces along to each new event, many items that never last long enough to make it to our website!