Sowest M5 lacrosse
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Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Invitational Proudly Presents: Mad 5/ Sowest Lacrosse

Sowest M5 lacrosse

Editor’s Note: As we get closer to the First annual Salt Shakerz Invitational (June 25, 26 in NYC —  (get more info at the Shakerz want to give LAS readers a continuing taste of what to expect at the tourney by highlighting the different teams that will be coming to the tournament.  Today they are focusing on Mad 5/ Sowest Lacrosse.

First of all, what’s in a name anyway? What is your team name and how’d you pick it?

Mad 5 represents the combination of a nickname and number that Mike Muro, one of the founders, has always had from the time he was 5 years old through school, his indoor playing days in Boston, to now.

Mad 5 stems from years of playing all sports, including fight training, and having no regard for your body; just for the game or the fight, and leaving it all out there. We are a lacrosse-oriented company, but we are also looking to sponsor MMA fighters in the ever growing fight community.  We feel there is great potential because the two sports are quickly taking off and you can represent yourself as an individual.

Where are you located?

Mainly in Westchester County, NY (a.k.a. “Hudson Valley”)  and NYC!

How would you describe the club lacrosse scene where you’re located?

We play in the sound shore league based in Westchester, which is one of the premier club leagues in the country.  The league is composed of top young colege players and a few seasoned old school vets.  Our team won the Sound Shore ‘B’ league Title back in the summer of 2009 with a stacked team lead by former Cornell All America John Glynn.

How many people are on your team, part of your club?

There are 25 core guys and a bunch more that play in different tourneys with us

Who is behind the team?  (founders, captains, sponsors, etc.)

Mike Muro, Ronnie Bencosme and Steve Kerner.

What makes your team different, and/or stand above others?

If you feel like you beat to your own drum, live for defiance, are maybe covered in tats and love to do it your own way and be different while not allowing anyone to ever question your passion or work ethic—you belong with Mad 5.  Our motto is to be the problem, not the solution.

We represent anyone who doesn’t want to conform to what society, or in this case, the ‘lacrosse community,’ says they should be.  We’re for the player that does it his or her own way, in his or her style, while possibly being over the top.  Over the top is always a must.

What was your 2010 season like?

Since putting Mad 5  together, we entered two tourneys and played in our local league.  We won them all and got noticed because of our over the top uniforms and for being able to  back up wearing them.

Any games, tournaments or experiences you’re particularly proud of?

Yes, we entered the Ocean State tourney in the top open division and WON IT! in maybe the craziest unies ever made

How is your team looking for the 2011 season?  Do you have a 2011 Schedule?  If so, do tell!

The Salt Shakerz Invitational is going to be the first appearance for Mad 5 this summer on the tourney scene.  The first sound shore summer league game will be on June 16 as Mad 5 is linked with Sowest lacrosse store in Tuckahoe, NY, which is the name of the summer league team; “Sowest”.

What are you guys looking to improve on in 2011 both on the field as a team, and off the field as a team/organization/club?

We’re looking to finally get the facebook page up (lol) and get the team name out there so people keep asking about our shorts.

Are you guys a team that focuses on its gear and uniform?  If so, any new developments we should know about? Anything special for the tournament?

We have the sickest unies for the tournament.  All you Michael Myers (Halloween?) nuts beware because we pride ourselves on the sickest, most unique, unies in the game.

What brought you to the Salt Shakerz Invitational?

We are all New York guys and a few of the Shakerz have played with us for years.

What are your expectations for the tournament?  Any idea what the competition will be like? You feel like making a prediction about your chances?

We think we have a real great chance to make some noise as we have a better team than ever before, but we’ll see how it all shakes out in June.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming trip to NY.  Will you be staying in and around the city?

We are all from and around city!

You’ve got quite a few off-the-field opportunities in NYC (including the Tournament After Party at Mad River Bar & Grille), What are you most looking forward to and why?

We’re definitely looking forward to the party because Mad River is a great bar, but that weekend is not gonna be any different for us than any other weekend.

Anything you’d like to tell the LAS readers?

If you love lacrosse and other things that people tell you you shouldn’t, like the vivid girls or tattoos, we are your team.

Where can interested Lax players find you and get more information?

Facebook Sowest lacrosse