Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club Vegas
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Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Update And Vegas Preview

Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club Vegas
The Shakerz in Vegas in 2010.

Editor’s Note:  Welcome the Salt Shakerz back to LAS!  They’ve had a busy fall of lax tourneys, charity and more.  And now they’re headed to VEGAS!  Should be another crazy lax-filled weekend!

It’s been an exciting couple months for the Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club. Between attending multiple lax tournaments and raising money and awareness for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, the club has been very busy both on and off the field.

Back in August, the club participated in the Ocean City Lacrosse Classic.  Although the Shakerz didn’t win it all, they started off well (goin 2-0 on day one), only to finish 2-2 for the weekend. The highlight of the tournament (other than Seacrets), was defenseman Mark Powers scoring a nice BTB goal where mama keeps the peanut butter (TOP SHELF!) during a tilt against the Firebirds outta Baltimore.  The Ocean City Classic is an amazingly well-run tournament and it’s one of the Shakerz’ favorites. Hopefully 2012 will yield better results… on the field anyway.

After OC, the Shakerz took a quick break before heading down to Annapolis Md. for Laxtoberfest. For those that haven’t been, Laxtoberfest is another great tourney. It’s held in early October, so the weather is still nice, and surprisingly enough, Annapolis is fun little city with plenty of options for hitting the town and getting into a lil trouble. Plus, Shakerz founder CJ Greene is from Nap-town, so it gives him an excuse to head home and see Ma-dukes.

This year, the Shakerz, propelled by Jerry Ragonese’s (ProAthletics designer and Rochester Rattler) efforts at the faceoff X and Mikey Maher’s stitch-ripping, were able to make the tournament finals. Unfortunately, the Shakerz ran up against the Washington Lacrosse Club, which was the same team that had bounced the Shakerz from the 2010 tournament in the quarterfinals. The Washington Lacrosse Club was again victorious in the rematch, but it looks like the Shakerz developed another fun rivalry, like those it has established with Xiphos and Stickhead Pro Athletics.

Shortly after Laxtoberfest, the Shakerz turned their attention toward their philanthropic mission; raising funds and awareness for breast cancer research. For the second year in a row, the Shakerz raised funds as a club and took part in the annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This year, the Shakerz saw a significant increase in the amount of participants for the walk, but more importantly, the club was able to raise over $4,000 to donate!! Some of the donated funds came from the proceeds of the First annual Salt Shakerz Invitiational (Look for us again this summer!!) but the rest came from the Shakerz community.

The Salt Shakerz are obviously proud of their on-field accomplishments, but this year’s fund raising effort might be the club’s biggest accomplishment to date! Look us up on or hit us up at to see how you might be able to get involved in the future.

Riding high on their recent success, the Shakerz are heading to the Lax Vegas tournement this weekend to defend their Championship from last year. Although the squad is composed very differently from how it was last year (Siena Posse, where you at?!?!?), the club is really looking forward to hitting Sin City and experiencing all that the West Coast Lax scene has to offer. The Shakerz were very impressed with the tournament and the level of play last year, and everything so far suggests that the tournament will be even better and more competitive this year.

The Shakerz are also looking forward to getting back on the field with the Xiphos. The clubs played 2 greats games in Vegas last year, and then the Xiphos were gracious enough to attend the SSZ Invitational, so the boys in pink are excited to return the favor and play the Xiphos closer to their home turf.

Leading the Shakerz in Vegas will be stalwart goalie Corey Vallincour (an LAS reader and commenter!) and reigning team/tournament MVP Johnny “Vegas” Namer, whose exploits who can read about on LAS.

Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club Vegas
In 2011, the SSZ have to contend with as well! Watch out!

Stay tuned to LAS for updates from the Shakerz.