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Salt Shakerz LC Heads To Miami Bump & Grind

(Editor’s Note:  The Salt Shakerz LC, based out of NYC, is heading back down to the Miami Bump & Grind Tournament in Florida this weekend and they are packing some serious heat.  We’ve seen the custom Warrior TII Lacrosse helmet a gilded player will be wearing and we KNOW that the Shakerz can do a lacrosse tourney up right, as evidenced by their work at the Las Vegas Lacrosse Tournament.  They were kind enough to drop by with a preview of their trip to Miami and man, it sounds fun!)


The Shakerz are excited to get back to action after finishing a successful 2010 campaign in style, by bringing home the championship trophy via winning the LaxVegas Shootout in November (Shout out to the Vitality Lacrosse guys who put on a great event!).  We’ve put together an ambitious tournament schedule for 2011 and are very excited to kick it off in beautiful Miami, FL at the annual Bump & Grind lacrosse Tournament hosted by Lacrossewear.  Bo lamon and his guys at lacrossewear not only put out some of the game’s best apparel; they also host a top-notch tournament (although if we can get rid of that ref everyone hates, that’d be good!).

Speaking of apparel, special thanks goes out to Morgan Futch-Walker at Lacrosse Unlimited and Adrenaline Lacrosse for their efforts in helping the Shakerz stay fresh down in Florida.

Salt Shakerz Miami B&G Uniforms Lacrosse 2011
I’d die for those shorts. There, I said it.

This will be the Salt Shakerz second foray into the Bump & Grind tournament.  Last year, the club got a squad together at the last minute and was able to pull off a more-than-respectable showing considering the circumstances (try getting flights and ordering jerseys with less than a month of turnaround time).  The team went undefeated in pool play only to lose to the eventual champions Stickhead Pro Athletics in the playoffs.  More importantly, the weather held out the whole time we were there and everyone seemed to have a great time off the fields hanging out in paradise.

The field for the 2011 edition of the Bump & Grind Tournament looks particularly imposing as the champions, Stickhead Pro, return as do the always competitive Team Lacrossewear and Team Warrior/Brine.  That being said, the Shakerz are also ecstatic about their own squad for this year’s tournament and are looking forward to continuing the winning ways.

In light of the heightened competition, the Shakerz’ 2011 effort will have to be headlined by defense, and the Shakerz are pleased to add Owen Corso, Dan Crisafulli and Ray Megill to an already formidable defensive corps that features Chris Schongar at the pole, some stalwarts down low at close D,  and goalies J.P. Fragola and Burke Reynolds.  Also helping to ensure that things go the Shakerz way, Justin Sabol from UMASS will be manning (and from what I hear, dominating) the ‘X’ for the team, filling in for Chris Eck who has Team USA commitments.

Salt SHakerz Lacrosse uniforms Miami B&G 2011
EVERY “name” on the back is different. Custom!!

Offensively, the Salt Shakerz will be lead by some familiar faces who will be aided by some talented newcomers.  Leading the newcomers on offense is Sean Slater a current associate Product Manager at Warrior/Brine (you saw that amazing, pink, Warrior Tii, right?—it’s his) and recent ‘Cuse grad Joe Coulter, who will be joining his former teammate Chris Daniello in Shakerz’ pink.

Regarding the new TII helmet, Slater has been raving about how light it is and the improved protection and vision it offers.  He also hinted that the public should keep its eyes peeled for even more customization options from Warrior/Brine in the near future including a customized paint program (like the Pink helmet) that should be available soon.

If you’re going to be around South Beach this weekend and are addicted to lax gear, come by the fields and talk to Sean and Chris Schongar.  They will fill you in on the latest and greatest products that their companies, Warrior/Brine and Gait respectively, have out on the market now and probably some of what’s in development.

For 2011, the Salt Shakerz have put to together an ambitious schedule of 7 different tournaments around the U.S:

– Bump n Grind Lax – (Jan 28-30) Miami, Florida

– Jam By the Sea – (Apr 16-17) San Diego, California

– Rumble on Randalls – (June) New York, New York

– FreeMason Lax Tourney – (June 18-19) Fredrick, Maryland

– Ocean City Lax Classic – (Aug 12-14) Ocean City, Maryland

– Laxtoberfest – (Oct 1-2) Annapolis, Maryland

– Las Vegas Showcase (November) Las Vegas, NV

The Shakerz are also looking to put together a few lacrosse-oriented charity events to raise money for breast cancer research.

If you’re gonna be at any of these events or would like to get involved with the Shakerz’ charitable endeavors, please follow us on Facebook: search “salt shakerz” or contact the club at

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