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Salt Shakerz: Play With Purpose!

A few Shakerz had an opportunity to play in the Hawaii Invitational with Wimmer Solutions in 2012.  Aside from the absurdly high talent level at such amazing event, there was an opportunity to really understand what motivates some players to greatness.

Matt Sauri (CEO of Wimmer) asked all the players on the team to speak about various charities they support.  If Wimmer would win both the Master’s and Elite, Wimmer will donate $2K to each of the four winning charities.  Pretty sweet right?  Needless to say Wimmer captured the title in both the Master’s and Elite Divisions.

This was an excellent way to keep players focused on the “bigger picture” and it seemed to align players with the task at hand.  Winning to help others.  Based on that experience, we felt that Salt Shakerz Lacrosse should incorporate a similar theme.  To the extent we “Play for a Purpose” our team perspective and individual efforts will be aligned.  As a result, we aim to play our best lacrosse while representing, supporting and saluting those who may be dealing with one of life’s speed bumps or roadblocks. To Live… To Lax… To Give…  Here’s one way we honor our commitment… To Give.

The SSZ Invy 13’ is right around the corner.  There are a number of reasons why teams should come back this year or make your first appearance.  The most important aspect is…   The more teams that participate, the bigger donation we can make for the Avon Walk 2013.