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San Francisco Classic: Ohio State Vs. Lehigh

We’re excited for the San Francisco Classic, which features a fall ball battle between Ohio State and Lehigh in historic Kezar Stadium. If you’re in the area, you’ll definitely want to head down to the game and check it out, not only for the great fall lacrosse, but also so that we can meet you in person! This event caps off our first Grow The Game Tour, and so far the reception has been fantastic. We know San Francisco won’t disappoint!

For those of you that can’t make the game, remain calm. The Lacrosse Network has teamed up with LaxVision, and the the scrimmage will be shown live on Youtube, and you can expect a TV quality broadcast. Our East Coast crew is pretty pumped to check this one out online, and the West Coast crew will be there live. Like we said, we can’t wait!

College teams heading West for fall ball is a good thing. Sure, the costs to put something like this together can be higher, but it also does a lot of good for the sport. Players on the West Coast get to see some high caliber D1 lacrosse, even if it is only a scrimmage, and schools that venture West might also find a future star of the program on their trip. It’s a win-win when it works out, and from the looks of things, the San Francisco Classic is set to do very well.

Come on out, take in a great game and say hello to us in person as we continue to celebrate the game on the Grow The Game Tour! If you’re stuck on the couch, at least you can watch the scrimmage online… that’s a pretty darn good deal too!

The game starts at 1:45 PM on Sunday, October 21st, West Coast time, and the TLN broadcast kicks off at 1:30 PM, also West Coast time – that’s 4:30 PM on the East Coast.