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saskatoon brewers saskatoon swat box lacrosse
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Saskatoon Brewers Down SWAT To Remain Undefeated

The Saskatoon Brewers of the Sr. B PGLL Canadian lacrosse league downed the Saskatoon Sr. SWAT in Game 7 of their regular season on June 7th. The teams both had full benches and were ready to face-off for the first time this season since their exhibition game back on March 31st. The game was explosive from start to finish in true PGLL style. Period 1 came to a quick start with assistant captain Baeley Malkoske scoring the first goal at 19:35, only to be answered shortly after by the SWAT at 18:48.

saskatoon brewers saskatoon swat box lacrosse
Photo courtesy Kim Buell

Team captain Brandon Murphy would quickly shut down any momentum the SWAT had by scoring another goal swiftly after at 18:27; three of the fastest scored goals in a Sr. PGLL game to date! The game would remain one-sided with the SWAT only scoring once more in the first at 1:42. The Brewers would see seven more goals this period by:

  • Levi Dziadyk-1
  • B. Murphy- 1
  • Spencer Murphy-3
  • Malkoske- 1
  • Jack Okanee- 1

Defensemen Okanee and Greg Simpson were showing strong force and keeping the SWAT out of shooting range. Jordan Tornato was meeting some hard hits coming up from his face-offs but didn’t let that stop him from winning the large majority of them throughout the game. The score after period one was 9-2 for the Brewers.

Photo courtesy of Kim Buell

Period 2 was also a quick start, with the Saskatoon Brewers scoring at 19:35 and 19:10 to get the period going. The SWAT would not be able to score this period opening up the game for the Brewers to extend their lead. Goal scorers this period were:

  • Baeley Malkoske-1
  • Brandon Murphy-1
  • Greg Simpson-1
  • Casey MacIntyre-2
  • Adam Saunders-2

Scott Anderson and Cody Corriveau held the SWAT on defense and were aggressive on ball this period; these two rookies on the team are consistently proving their worth and Coach Marcus Fischer is glad to have them on his side. The period ended with a score of 16-2 for the Brewers.

Period 3 was quiet for scoring, the Brewers only with three goals at 14:52, 0:54, and 0:39. The SWAT again came-up empty on offense, partly due to the amount of penalty minutes taken, 17 minutes total on 20 minutes of straight time. This period would see Anderson get into a scuffle with a SWAT player. It also saw Simpson get into a scuffle after some banter was exchanged with a SWAT player. Simpson would come out on top, both penalty wise and physically. Player of the game went to Jack Okanee for his exceptional defense. The game would end with a score of 19-2.

The Saskatoon Sr. SWAT proved to be the toughest match this season physically for the Brewers. A rematch is set for Game 10 of the season on June 14th between the teams. The Saskatoon Brewers are hoping for a good game physically against the SWAT, and to continue dominating the PGLL.

saskatoon brewers saskatoon swat box lacrosse
Photo courtesy Kim Buell

Game 8 had the Saskatoon Brewers traveling to Prince Albert, which is about 80 minutes north of Saskatoon, to battle the Outlaws in the second match up of the year. The Outlaws sported a short bench for the game, and the Brewers were at almost full capacity. The first period had a fiery start with the Outlaws scoring a quick unassisted goal at 19:45. This was a rare occurrence for the Brewers to be down so early in the period.

A slow start for the Brewers had the score going back and forth. Casey MacIntyre would be the star of the period with more than three goals to his number. Ending the period at the score of 7-5 for the Brewers, Coach Marcus Fischer aimed to jumpstart the second period and get his team back into their normal rhythm.

Period 2 had the Brewers goalie Parker Nolan-Ens standing his ground and only allowing one goal for 20 minutes of stop time play. The defense shook themselves into form and stopped most attempts on net by playing tight defense. The offense would be lead by team captain Brandon Murphy back into their usual form. Scoring nine goals this period the Brewers lead the game at 16-2.

Period 3 had Jack Okanee battling consistently with an Outlaws player; the two had been head to head most of the game seeing a bit of overflow in period three. Overall the energy from the Outlaws died down as exhaustion kicked in, the game would end with a score of 19-2. B. Murphy would earn player of the game for leading his team back into their normal routine after the first and scoring in important situations to put the Brewers ahead. Jason Price, a recent trade acquisition, played his first game against the Outlaws; he posed up a great defense and had a few shots on net. Coach Fischer hopes he can get Jason’s skill set back up and ready for playoffs after a year off of lacrosse. The Brewers head into the last two games of regular season with an undefeated record and 164 points scored. See below for Brewers Point Leaders:

Adam Saunders- 28

Casety MacIntyre- 27

Brandon Murphy- 25

Baeley Malkoske- 20

Bryton Thorarinsson- 13

Jack Okanee- 11

Brady Fetch- 10

Spencer Murphy- 8

Seven of those players are in the top 20 scorers of the Jr. And Sr. combined ranking system.