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Saturday After Thanksgiving Homecoming!

Welcome to the Temple of Laxman! It will make sense when you read the post. Or not. We’ve got some Old School, a great lacrosse photo of a stick breaking and NBA opinion. It’s the weekend! Let’s celebrate.

Our stomachs are only now beginning to recover from Thanksgiving.   Got a stomach ache but still want to eat a snack?  Try a clementine, you’ll feel better.  For those that are able to pull through however, beyond shopping for awesome Grab Bags, Thanksgiving weekend also presents a chance for Homecoming festivities.  It’s a time when so many people are back “home” that it only makes sense to host alumni games, meet up with old friends, and break out Old School High School athletic wear.

Tom Slate, of LaxEvo, got back to Springfield HS for the alumni game there, but he wasn’t the only one donning the old colors!

Brother Rice varsity jacket baby Chris Drouin
The Jacket doesn't fit either of us!

Thanks to Chris Drouin for the photo!  The jacket was a little snug for Chris, and just a tad too big for his kid!  Love the old varsity pins, Chris!  Classic OS jacket action prior the Brother Rice football game.  Now that we’ve visited Michigan, let’s head to the other side of the world!

Patrick Niddrie, a kick ass photographer and laxman down in New Orleans has been traveling in India, trying to gain a little enlightenment.  And of course, he found it.  Where you might ask?  The Temple of Laxman, no doubt.

Temple of Laxman
I want to go to there.

I don’t mean to be culturally or religiously insensitive here at all.  I genuinely think this is awesome.  From the beautiful script to the relevant English translation, it’s all love.  Thanks Patrick!  Hope the trip was eye opening and inspiring!  Sure sounds like it was.  See you in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras tourney in a couple months!


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Of course, I can’t wait that long to play lax.  So weekend box lacrosse kicks off today in NYC through ULax.  I’m hoping my team shows up en force today because I really need to take another week off with this whole cliff diving injury thing.  Funny, deep gashes on the bottom of one’s foot don’t heal that quickly!  Now I know.  There are a number of LAS readers, writers and commenters playing in the NYC box league, so expect lots of coverage!

We’d have more video but for the first time ever, the Flipcam failed us.  Looks like it’s time for an upgrade!  Thankfully, we got a little Iphone video.  It’s something, right?

ULax NYC box lacrosse
Week 1 of box action in NYC!

The NBA is back!  Yay?  Here’s my problem with the NBA.  And no, it’s not the lockout.  Remember when everyone was saying soccer was lame because of all the diving and flopping?  Well, watch an NBA game today.  These guys flail, grunt and groan like tennis players, and they’re constantly complaining and asking for fouls.  Enough of this.  Basketball players are making French soccer players look tough, and I can not watch a sport like that.  College basketball is better, but by the time I know who a player is, they go to the NBA.  I have a hard time staying invested.  Guess I’ll stick to lax.

Speaking of lax, we just can’t stop posting photos of Malcolm Chase tearing it up with a longstick.  This guy is an animal.  Chase runs and is a longtime friend of the LASmobile.

Malcolm Chase Hawaii lacrosse stick break check
Malcolm Chase tearing up the Masters in Hawaii.

It’s got to be the box helmet, right?

Got something awesome worth sharing with the Weekend LAS Nation?  You know the drill.  Email it in to us at!

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