First Serbian Lacrosse game
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Serbia Lacrosse Set to Compete in First International Event

Author’s Note: Throughout the summer of 2015 we will be working with our contacts around the globe to put together the best previews of each country participating in the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships. If you would like to share information regarding the progress of your nation’s programs, please feel free to drop us a line!

History will be made in Dresden, Germany this weekend during the European Nations Cup. For the first time in history a national team from the Balkans Peninsula region will play in an international lacrosse game. Serbia is set to be the first national lacrosse team from the area to play in any sort of international competition, field or indoor.

Serbia is taking mainly their development team composed of homegrown players, most of which are just beginning to learn the game. For some, it will be there first ever box lacrosse game.

We’re really hoping that the indoor game will take off in Serbia as it is more fast paced than the field game and has elements that resemble handball, which is a very popular sport in Serbia. Serbian Manager Brian Gorodetsky

Serbia’s hopes and expectations for the European Nations Cup is ultimately for their young players to learn the flow of the game from the best teams in Europe. A few of their migrant teammates, Stephen Simeunovic and goalie Marko Celic will join them as well as Canadian coach Stu Sterparn.

It will be our first chance to hold an official training camp and get to discuss a few systems that we’ll hopefully have in place for Syracuse. Unfortunately our key leaders Nik Bilic and Ilija Gajic are busy finishing their NLL seasons and will not be available for Dresden.

Homegrown talent such as Aleksandar Jovanovic and Mladen Bukorovic are rising to the occasion and using the indoor game to become more assertive on offense.

Serbia’s final roster is still not set, look for announcement by June 30th. Serbia will continue training this summer by competing within their regional league and will assemble in Syracuse five days early for a pre-tournament camp.