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Contractual and on-demand graphic design service for lacrosse events, sports equipment brands, or any company looking to elevate creative design.

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vector graphic designCan you tell the LAS logo is inspired by the Jerry West silhouette used by the NBA?

Graphic Design Capabilities

– Brand Identity
– User Experience
– Product and Packaging
– Layout and Print
– Multi-format
– Animation

Our graphic design experts are available to help elevate your brand and increase conversions of your creative ad campaigns.

We can be flexible when it comes to our working arrangement – Hire us on short-term or long-term contractual basis, or choose an on-demand relationship in which our team is on-call 24/7!

If you can dream it and describe it, we’re happy to handle the rest. Together we can take your next project from idea to fine-tuned blueprint. We’ll cover every little aesthetic detail carefully to ensure your designs are unique and brand-defining.

Check out a few samples of our recent internal creative design work:

The creative team behind Lacrosse All Stars has years of experience serving some of the largest, most influential, and most successful sports equipment brands in the world. We welcome sporting goods companies new and old to inquire about our affordable services today!

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