Shamel Bratton Plays Good Defense… In Football

LXM PROs and football lovers. Two-sport athletes!

When lacrosse players aren’t playing lacrosse, a lot of them play football. Maybe you play in high school or college, or maybe just with friends on the weekends… either way, we know for a fact that 72% of LAS Readers love to play and watch football! So, when LXM PRO players Shamel Bratton and Brendan Porter hangout with Adrenaline‘s Scott Hochstadt, you just know they’re going to play a little pigskin.

Porter throws a nice ball fake, Hochstadt puts on a decent double move, and the pass from Porter is pretty, but…. Shamel is just too athletic.  Pick 6.  Boomtown.

But they’re not done yet! This time Hochstadt runs a less than convincing route, but the results are still pretty funny. LXM PRO dudes, just hanging out.

So what else do you guys do for athletic fun when you’re not playing sweet sweet lax? Got a great football or basketball video? We’ll check it out and if it’s good enough (or funny enough) we’ll put you on blast right here… Just like the Pros!  Email your videos or ideas to [email protected]!


LXM PROs and football lovers. Two-sport athletes!

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