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Rit DyeMore - Racing Red

Racing Red Rit DyeMore


Frost grey dye for lacrosse heads and strings.

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Product Description

Rit Dye recently announced DyeMore, an all new formula engineered to dye synthetics such as polyester and nylon– two materials with a strong presence in our sport. Nylon plastic is most commonly used to make lacrosse heads, while lacrosse mesh and strings are often spun from nylon or polyester. DyeMore allows you to dye these items bright, vibrant colors, and it can even dye 3D printed objects too!

Rit DyeMore requires a higher temperature than Rit’s all-purpose dye, so for the best results use the stovetop method. Available in 12 colors, DyeMore is available for purchase right here on LaxAllStars.com.


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