Should You Dye a Lacrosse Helmet? Red Star
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Should You Dye a Lacrosse Helmet?

No, probably not. Unless swag > safety in your book.

This week, the evil genius behind Red Star Lacrosse, Tom Ledin, dropped another crafty video to help us think outside of the box. In the video, Tom shows us how to effectively dye a lacrosse face-mask. Seems pretty awesome, $4.49 to get a new chrome colored face-mask is a steal.

In the video, Tom makes it clear that he doesn’t know if it voids the warranty or not and challenges the viewer to find out. Challenge accepted.

We reached out to Cascade about the issue, their response was simple:

“Yes, 100% voids the warranty.”

We love the creativity and the final product is sick! So why not try it out on a lacrosse helmet that’sĀ hanging on the wall and you’re never going to wear again. Or maybe for summer league/ old men’s ball, I can’t tell you what to do. But when I heard,

“This is strongly not recommended” – the Cascade R&D department

I figured I wouldn’t do it on my new R. Although it does void the warranty on lacrosse heads when you dye them, it doesn’t quite teeter on the same safety line and the standard Cascade R helmet costs hundreds more than any lacrosse head.

Let me know what you think below, forget the warranty and rock a sick bucket or nah?