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Show LAS Your Old School: 1932 Box Lacrosse Brawl

Let's talk this through.

We’ve all seen the footage of hockey players before they wore helmets and wondered what they were thinking. Looks like lacrosse players weren’t any better back in the day. Check out this footage from a 1932 game played in the United States between the Toronto and Montreal Box Lacrosse teams.

How about the intro shot, “Box Lacrosse is a ‘Stunning’ Game – First match between Toronto & Montreal, causes sensation, already threatens popularity of the comparatively mild excitement of ‘All In’ Wrestling.”

Now THAT'S old school!

And that goalie! No shin or face protection, I can only hope he is wearing a cup.

No worries gents, it's just my face.

Think you have our next ‘Old School’ post? Then let us know!