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occidental college lacrosse 1971
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Show LAS Your Old School: 1971 Oxy Lax

Last week Jeff took us on a trip down memory lane.  We saw the beginnings of lax for Jeff in Idaho, and we’re sticking with that theme today: Beginnings!  After all, excellence has to start somewhere!

This week’s Old School features the 1971 lacrosse team from Occidental College.  We’ll let Oxy alum, Jesse Roberts explain:

Not my first season, but it may have been the first season for Occidental Lacrosse.  I am an alum from ’07, and I ran into the grandkid of someone who was on this ’71 team who sent me the picture.  With Oxy looking stronger and deeper this season than they have in a while it’s good to know that the roots run deep.

occidental college lacrosse 1971
Oxy lax in 1971. Lots of wood out there!

To follow up on Jesse’s submission, we’ll finish with a photo of the Oxy Lacrosse team from last year.

Occidental Lacrosse 2011
THe 2011 squad.