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Show LAS Your Old School (BONUS): Canadian Chic

Do Mounties really look like that? Oh, Canada indeed.

This was actually going to be my first post, but we had some earth shattering news break last week so my Old School post got dropped back a bit.

Since graduating from Wheeling Jesuit University in 2006, I have not lived in the same address for any longer than 5 months. This has prevented me from hoarding all of my beloved lacrosse possessions where I post up at and has forced me to keep these little treasures at my parents’.

I am currently living and playing in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. This past week I have been home in Ontario and have had the pleasure of taking a walk down “lacrosse-memory-lane”.

From Bottom to Top: Freshman & Sophemore Year Black/Red CPro, Junior Year Black CPX, Senior Year Yellow/White CPX, 2008 Head Coach Year Red CPX
From Left to Right: Freshman & Sophemore Year Black/Red CPro with Custom STX Catalyst, Junior Year Black CPX with Custom Brine Supercrosse

I know they are EXTREMELY simple kits, but we thought we had a millions bucks! The STX Catalyst had the best palm ever made and the Brine Supercrosse had the most flexible and protective thumb going!

From Left to Right: Senior Year Kit – STX G22’s, CPX, STX Arm Guards. Coach wanted to go yellow… so we went yellow! KT77

I still know pro guys that use those arm pads!

SU inspired back “fade” sticker

Now its time for the good (old) stuff!

From Left to Right: 1. My very first pair of “lacrosse” gloves. Before that I was using hockey gloves! 2. That was the first helmet I used in Jr. lacrosse, the facemask is actually a softball back-catches mask, everyone on the team wore them + that was the facemask in the NLL at the time. 3. I’m pretty sure those are the first Warrior Mercury’s… I stand to be corrected.

From Left to Right: Brine Superlite II, my very first plastic stick. My VERY FIRST lacrosse stick, WOODIE!

Trophies, Medals, and Jerseys, Oh My!

Left: 1997 Bantam & 1999 Midget C Provincial Championship (I made this for a project in my Art and Woodshop classes in high school!  Right: 2001 Founders Cup Canadian Jr. B National Championship & 2001 Ontario Championship

Wallaceburg Jr. B Red Devils (2003)
Wallaceburg Sr. Demon Field Lacrosse (yes I know… it’s a box jersey)

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post this pic. Best table-hockey game EVER!!! The building’esk thing on the left of the table is the electronic score board, complete with sound effects!

412 is drooling right now. Guarantee it.
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