Show LAS Your Old School: I Spy Edition

Old School Lacrosse

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We’ve seen some incredible stuff in the Old School series, but this week’s picture might take the cake. Connor Wilson (AKA “The Master of Finding Random Lax Stuff Online”) found it and the rest of the Lax All Stars crew is still scratching their heads.

Look at the picture below.

See if you can find the following things:

– impossibly short shorts

– football helmet probably worn by one of the Packers in the Ice Bowl

– pajama bottoms

– horizontal shoulder stripes

– possible 1970 Chevy Impala

See anything else I may have missed?

I’ve reviewed it at least a dozen times, and I still can’t figure out what the guy in the football helmet is doing. What team is he on? Does he know that his football mask won’t stop a lacrosse shot to the face? Is he on offense or defense?

So many questions.

Go clean out the attic and relive your glory days. Submit your Old School photos and stories to [email protected]!

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