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Old School Indiana Lacrosse - 1997

Show LAS Your Old School: Indiana Lacrosse

With all the proposed Rule Changes, the world is abuzz with Old School vs. New School! This week’s Old School lacrosse features Indiana Lacrosse, black and white photos and Old School heads!

Indiana Lacrosse is definitely on its way up in the MCLA world. In 2011, the team went 2-12 and lost a couple of really close games. In 2012, IU upped their record to 5-6, and three of their losses were by only one or two goals. Looking forward, Indiana looks poised to keep improving… and you can follow their process on their blog, LacrosseRoads of America… but since this is an Old School post, we’re not interested in looking forward.

It’s all about looking to the past!

IU Head Coach, Peter Tumbas, sent over some photos of a couple of old heads he dug out of a closet, and a shot from the 1997 Indiana Lacrosse team’s season.

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I don’t know about you, but I just love seeing old lacrosse photos from schools like Indiana, LSU, Oklahoma and more. It means the game has had a small presence at these schools for DECADES, and that adding a varsity team isn’t totally out of the question, especially if you can get some of the former club guys on board to support it.

Outreach is key, so if YOU are coaching an MCLA team, or leading an MCLA team as a player, I would definitely recommend reaching out to your alumni and showing them how important they are to your future success. Celebrating your own Old School is a pretty good start!

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