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Old School Lacrosse
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Show LAS Your Old School: Kapucha Toli

This week we take a quick look at the oldest of the old schoolKapucha Toli, a Native American game considered to be the “cousin” of lacrosse. Do you have some Kapucha Toli stories? Or want to share your knowledge of the different variations of the Native American ancestry of lacrosse? Drop a comment below or hit us up at!

Here’s some more information about Toli from a UGA team called the Flying Rats:

“Toli, also known as kapucha toli or simply stickball, is a traditional Native American game that has been played for at least 400 years. It has also been called the “little brother of war”, as it, at one time, had been used to settle disputes between Native American groups. These games often involved hundreds of people per team, were played on fields that were several miles long and lasted from sunrise to sunset.”

Share your knowledge or questions about of the history of Toli in the comments section.

University of Georgia students playing Toli
Flying Rat's vs Moundville from Sept 26, 1998

Photo via


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