old school lsu lacrosse gear
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Show LAS Your Old School: LSU Lacrosse

What are the two BIGGEST signifiers of true Old School lacrosse equipment?  A Bacharach bucket helmet and old Brine gloves have to be up there… but I don’t think you can rule out porthole mesh either.  And this post has two of those three!

The LSU Lacrosse Club started up in 1973 and has been running strong ever since.  I’m not totally sure whenthis gear is from exactly, but based on the helmet, my best guess would put it in the mid 1990s.  Maybe 1994?  The modern helmet via Cascade started popping up in 1995-6, and by the time I graduated high school in 1999, most had made the transition.

old school lsu lacrosse gear
LSU looking old... and good!

Have any more info on the helmet or jersey?  Let us know in the comments!  We’d LOVE to hear more!

Thanks to Knox Hutchinson for sending this gem of an Old School photo in to us!  Love the big LSU stickers on the front!

Think you have our next ‘Old School’ post? Then let us know!