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Show LAS Your Old School: Meade Senior High School, 1980

We asked and you answered.  Think living in the past is a bad thing? Not us! Old school lacrosse photos are a time machine to the days of bucket helmets and Shotguns and we want to see every single one of ’em.

Kicking things off we have a mother load of old school in the form of a high school yearbook from way, way back in 1980 when Jimmy Carter and Rappin’ Ronald Regan roamed the earth.

We’ll let submitter Chris Allen tell the tale:

…Meade Senior High School 1980 year book, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The Meade Mustangs that year won the Anne Arundel County league, beating powerhouse teams like Annapolis and Severna Park.  We lost in the state championship game to Dulaney High School in Towson, Maryland.

Our coach was Dan Hart, who later won the Maryland state championship at Annapolis High.  Our defensive coordinator was Geordie Combs, long-time football coach at Towson University, and father of Buggsie Combs.

Many of the guys on Meade went on to play college ball, including Billy Lineburg at Maryland.  The Herz brothers, Mark and Carl, played top level club ball for many years, as did David Starks.  Tommy Singleton played college ball at Loyola, played in an early pro-league, and club ball.

A number of these guys continue to play in the Maryland Masters Lacrosse League, in the Masters and Grandmasters division, including me, #7 in the team picture.  The equipment these days is light years better than the old school buckets we wore, the horrible arm pads, and the wooden poles. But if you put our team up against folks today, we would still kick your ass.

Is it just us or are those jerseys pretty sweet?

Go clean out the attic and relive your glory days. Get in on the action and submit your Old School photos and stories to