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Show LAS Your Old School: New York Harbor School

Editor’s note: Have an old school photo, memory or lacrosse tall tale that you want featured on Lax All Stars? Drop us a line at with “OLD SCHOOL” in the subject and you could be featured in our weekly trip down memory lane.

We knew that New York based CityLax does great work, but this week’s story is something else. Old School equipment given New School life as a team based just outside the inner city of New York picks up the sport for the first time.

Harbor School lax

LAS Reader, Streaker Sports owner and Citylax volunteer, Grant Hewitt explains the amazing story behind this treasure trove of nostalgic gear. It’s not just Old School, it’s Old School that is being used right now:

“The sticks (and gloves)…were all items donated to CityLax via the youth programs of Chatham, Madison, Summit (all NJ) as well as Darien and New Cannan, CT.

After they were collected last spring, they were then distributed to the New York Harbor School on Governor’s Island in NYC.  The NYHS is trying to start up a lacrosse team to compete in the PSAL (public school athletic league) next season, so I’ve been down there twice a week helping coach, and to get the kids up to speed.

Most of the sticks I have no idea about (the red ’73 one?) but I really got nostalgic when I found the Gait strung Turbo (6 diamond mesh with 3 hockey lace shooting strings), because that was my first stick in 5th grade playing in NJ.

Some of the dye jobs are amazing, notably the black-white-hunter green STX Octane that has “WAVE” written on the top over the green for Delbarton; there’s also a black dyed Brine M1 with “Princeton” in orange across the top.      There’s a handful of other old school bottle neck style sticks I included photos of, and a solid pair of leather palmed Brine L-35s.”

Check out the Harbor School’s website or Facebook page to learn about the school.

Really want to help? Become a certified GTG’er and donate your time or money to help expand the sport to new areas. Donations to the lacrosse program can be made through their Crowdwise page. Passing along your passion for the game of lacrosse to even one young player will be worth it.

Now on to Grant’s photos:

Go clean out the attic and relive your glory days. Submit your Old School photos and stories to